How to safely pack liquids for a long distance move

Are you planning to relocate soon? If that is the case, you have probably thought about packing. It is a difficult and laborious task. Especially when it comes to packing different types of liquids. They can wreak havoc during transportation and ruin your other items. That is if you don’t pack them properly. For that reason, we recommend using the services of the long distance movers New Hampshire. They will take great care of all of your things. But if you really insist on doing it yourself, this guide will help you pack liquids for a long distance move.

Pack liquids for a long distance move – tips

There are different things you can do to ensure that your liquids will be moved from point A to point B safely. This includes doing the right things:

  • Before you start packing
  • During packing (this step is crucial for success when you pack liquids for a long distance move)
  • When unpacking

Ensure that you move as few liquids as possible

Try to use as many of the liquids as you can, and don’t buy any new ones in the time before the move. Throwing away some liquids is also an option, especially if you have expired and almost done products. If they are still in a good state, you could also give them away to shelters or homeless people. It is always a nice gesture to donate something you don’t need anymore. A big number of liquids are easy to replace, and it turns out cheaper to buy new ones than to transport them. Preferred Movers NH offers deals for a good price, but you should still consider the number of unnecessary things you pack up for transport.

People packing up things for donating
It is always a good idea to donate things that are in a good shape

Pay attention to prohibited liquids

By doing any of the things mentioned above, you will diminish the number of liquids you have to relocate with you. This is important because you have to transport the liquids in your vehicle. Companies that offer storage facilities like storage North Hampton NH are not allowed to store potentially dangerous liquids. Moving companies also cannot transport many types of liquids in their trucks. These include prohibited liquids like flammable gases, explosives, toxic substances, etc.

Pack liquids for a long distance move properly

You don’t need to give so much thought to this if you are moving locally, but it is really important if it’s a long-distance move. The movers Pelham NH will take good care of your things, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s mandatory to put the items in a plastic container instead of a cardboard box to prevent leakage onto other items. An extra precaution is to remove the top of every item and put plastic wrap on the opening before sealing it again. Place the bottles in a zipper storage bag, but make sure to put them upright in the container. Pack them as tight together as possible and secure the sealed container with packing tape. Label the container as liquids, cleaning supplies, etc.

Cosmetics on a marble shelf
It is recommended to take extra precautions when packing liquids


When unpacking the liquids container, make sure to do it on a protected surface just in case something spilled. If that is the case, clean everything up before putting them in their places. The unpacking after a move should be taken slowly, but also, try not to procrastinate it.

Pack liquids for a long distance move – conclusion

The main thing you need to focus on when packing liquids for a long distance move is to relocate just the completely unnecessary items. It is much better to buy new liquids when you finish moving than to risk damaging your belongings. We wish you an easy and spill-free relocation!