How to safely pack and move musical instruments?

Musical instruments represent a big part of everyone’s life. While some people like to listen to them, some like to play and enjoy the creativity. In order to continue doing this, when you have to move and relocate your instruments, you will have to learn a couple of tips and tricks on how to pack and move musical instruments. Of course, there are a lot of moving companies in Massachusetts that can help you, but some things you can do by yourself. Let’s see how to preserve your instruments so that you could use them again!

Pack and move musical instruments – do it like a pro

There are a lot of musical instruments out there and not all of them are easy to prepare for relocation. Of course, some of them are quite simple but some, like the piano, can be harder and require better organization. But what kinds of instruments might you need to pack?

  • String instruments
  • Percussion instruments
  • Piano 

String instruments

String musical instruments may be the most used across the world. Even though they seem quite fragile, we can tell you that they are not that hard to pack and relocate. On the other hand, if you are too relaxed and think that it will protect itself, you are wrong. The good thing about these instruments is that they come with a case. It is a perfect fit and it is the only case that you should use during the relocation. You can protect it even more. The best way to do this is to buy plastic wrap and wrap it all around the instrument. Or at least on the corners where the instrument touches the case. The vital part of protecting your string instruments is loosing up the strings. We all know how hot moves can be and it can ruin your instrument if you are not careful enough. 

a guitar - pack and move musical instruments
Packing string instruments should not take a lot of your time

Percussion instruments

When we talk about how to pack and move musical instruments, packing percussion instruments may seem like a surprise. Given its size, you would think that it would take forever to prepare it for relocation. In reality, it is not. You just need to break them down first. They also come with cases and you can easily use them for protection. On the other hand, if you want to be extra secure, use the same plastic wrap and wrap around the critical corners.


We find piano a separate entity when it comes to moving it. Even though it has both characteristics of string and precision instruments, it is much harder for you to prepare and move it. In order to be able to pack it properly, you will have to disassemble it. It can be quite a chaotic job considering how many things there are. That is why it is maybe the best thing for you to consider hiring movers Manchester MA that have the knowledge and experience in this type of moving. After all, pianos can be expensive so it may be in your best interest to have someone else pack it for you.

a piano
Pianos are usually much harder to prepare for relocation


Even though there are many more instruments, the most common ones are located on this list. As you can see, you can pack and move musical instruments like guitars easily while you need to be more careful when packing pianos. We wish you a pleasant relocation!