How to recycle cardboard moving boxes?

When you finish moving with Preferred Movers NH, this is a common occurrence: stacks of empty cardboard boxes. That is the last task that you need to solve after several weeks of relocation-related to-dos. But one of the biggest advantages of using cardboard boxes for moving is that they are easy to recycle. And the cardboard itself is one of the simplest materials that can be disposed of correctly. In this article, we will give you some guidelines on how to properly recycle cardboard moving boxes.

Why should you recycle cardboard moving boxes in the first place?

There are some very good reasons to recycle cardboard boxes instead of just throwing them. And all this will help you contribute to the development of the planet:

  • Cardboard recycling is effective. Turning old cardboard into new cardboard requires only 75% of the energy needed to produce new cardboard from raw materials.
  • Cardboard recycling is good for air. Turning old cardboard into new cardboard gives 50% less sulfur dioxide (a by-product of burning fossil fuels) than when producing new cardboard from raw materials.
  • Recycling cardboard moving boxes reduces the impact of heavy cardboard usage. In the USA, 100 billion boxes of corrugated cardboard are used annually. Every ton of cardboard waste that goes to recycling rather than the landfill significantly increases our environmental resources.

Therefore, although you may feel a little guilty about the mountain of cardboard that you have after moving with movers Atkinson NH, you can feel much better if you take the time to dispose of it properly.

Recycling cardboard moving boxes
Here is how and where you can recycle cardboard moving boxes

1. Break all your boxes down

You will find it much easier to dispose of cardboard boxes when they are broken down. To ensure they are reusable, make sure that each box is completely empty. And then break each box down so that it is completely flat. If any part of the box was damaged by leaking substance (including water), cut off this part of the cardboard. Saturated cardboard is very difficult to recycle, even after it dries.

Note that there is no need to remove packing tape and marks from your labeled moving boxes, as they can be easily removed at recycling plants. But if you have time, go ahead and do it anyway.

2. Keep your boxes in a dry place until the day of processing

Even after you have finished using your boxes to move, you still need to be careful to keep them dry. Therefore, although you may just be ready to take them out of sight, be sure that you store them somewhere, but to remain safe and dry until the day you recycle cardboard moving boxes. There is no recycling market for wet paperboard. And even small wet spots can interfere with the recycling of the entire box.

3. Consult your waste management company to make sure that you have placed the boxes correctly

Cardboard boxes take up a lot of space in trash bins, even when you break them down. But not all companies involved in waste management will accept additional materials left out of the bin. Therefore, before putting broken boxes near the trash can, call your waste management company immediately to see if they will still pick them up. If not, then plan to simply recycle your boxes in batches. Put what can fit in the bin, and save the rest for the next week. On the other hand, you can find a place where you can turn in all broken moving boxes for processing at the same time.

Local recycling programs help you recycle cardboard moving boxes

In most cities and towns, people can recycle large quantities of cardboard, so you don’t have to pay extra for that. Some cities may not pick them from the side of the road, so you may have to deliver your boxes to a local recycling center.

Flattened cardboard boxes
Check online or call for restrictions such as quantity, size, and if boxes should be flattened

One of the best things about moving cardboard boxes is how versatile they are. With so many recycling and reuse options, there really is no excuse for throwing your moving boxes away. Take the time to properly recycle cardboard moving boxes or give them a new life, turning them into something for your home or garden, decorating your new home on a budget at the same time. You will feel good for recycling them and you will do your best to reduce the impact of your move on the environment, which is a victory for you and a victory for the Earth.