How to properly store a mattress

Are you storing your items, but not quite sure where to start when it comes to the mattress? Preferred Movers NH will help you store a mattress properly, which will save it from damage and it will help the mattress look as good as new when you take it out of the storage. Don’t overlook the importance of proper materials and packing techniques when you store items at your home. People often don’t see this as storage, so they think that the item doesn’t have to be prepared. That’s simply not true – any item that you simply leave somewhere and not see regularly can develop mold or start deteriorating. To prevent that, find out how to store a mattress in the right way! 

store a mattress
To store a mattress and ensure its durability, clean it thoroughly!

Find a dry place to store a mattress

Step number one to properly storing a mattress is to find a place for it. The drier the place and the air in it, the less chance for mold. That’s why you want to find a convenient place where there’s not a lot of moisture. If you can, store your mattress away from the ground, but near it. For example, put in on the palettes close to the ground. If you need help with bringing the palettes in, moving companies will gladly help you. But why place it close to the ground? Because that’s where the temperature oscillations are the smallest! This will help your mattress last longer. 

Clean the mattress

Before you pack anything and leave it in the storage, clean it. Go over the mattress with the damp cloth. Sew the parts if anything needs to be sewn. If there are stains on it, bring it to professionals to help you clean it. When you place your mattress at home, you risk getting it dirty and stained again. If you’re not sure that the conditions at your home are ideal, consider getting a storage unit at storage North Hampton NH. This promotes the longevity of the mattress as you can get the climate-controlled unit! When you store the clean mattress, in a climate-controlled unit, you don’t have to worry about it developing mold or similar problems. 

bubble wrap
Wrap the mattress in quality packing materials.

To store a mattress, pack it well

When packing a mattress: 

  • Get high-quality packing materials. They will ensure that your item is safe whether you place it in storage or you decide to move. For example, if you go moving from NH to MA, you don’t have to worry because the commute is short. But if you move between the states or go an even longer route, the possibility of damage increases
  • To pack a mattress for storage, wrap it in packing paper and plastic foil. After that, apply two layers of bubble wraps and tape it. In the end, place it in a box and close the box. Don’t forget to label it, even if it’s obvious what’s inside. Maybe you have several mattresses and you don’t want to open each one to find what you need. 

Get help from the professionals

If you need help with storing any kind of items, even if you only need to store a mattress, Preferred Movers are at your disposal. We know how hard it is having to deal with relocation tasks when you also have to work and get other obligations done. With us by your side, you can rest assured that you will have your items properly stored and handled. Don’t lose your sleep over it anymore – simply give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.