How to prepare your refrigerator for a move

The kitchen is often on the list of the most difficult rooms to prepare for a move. There will be many items to pack, and many of them are fragile and oddly shaped. Some of them are big and heavy, like the fridge. It is one of the kitchen essentials, and they come in many sizes. But they all have one in common, they are difficult to prepare and move. Preferred Movers could help you with this, but many people prefer challenging themselves and doing it alone. The moving process is quite straightforward and similar to other bulky items, but the preparation process for a fridge is unique. In this guide, we will teach you how to prepare your refrigerator for a move.

How to Prepare Your Refrigerator for a Move: What Are the Right Steps to Take?

A refrigerator might seem bulky and durable, but in reality, they are fragile kitchen appliances that need care when moved. Hiring some moving companies in Massachusetts can help tremendously when you simply don’t have time to go through all the steps yourself. If you cannot do it, don’t force yourself. Because the one paying, in the end, will be your fridge. When you want to learn how to prepare your refrigerator for a move, you should:

  • Empty and clean
  • Disconnect and defrost
  • Protect the fridge
Picture of a fridge with an open door
The fridge is a fragile kitchen appliance

Empty and clean

No matter how clean you try to keep your fridge, it will get messy at times. When the moving preparations are in full swing. you will be tempted to order takeout, leaving your groceries going bad in the fridge. As much as you want to avoid wasting food, sometimes it simply happens. Now is not the time to just take out the food that’s gone bad, it’s time to remove everything. The ingredients that are still good should be used up as soon as possible.

Once everything is empty, you can clean the insides of the fridge with the cleaning solution of your choice. You can either use special kitchen cleaning solutions or a homemade DIY solution with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. However you choose to do it, just make sure to do it well before some movers Gloucester MA come to pick it up. It should dry out completely before then.

Disconnect and defrost

Once everything is clean you should disconnect the fridge and let it defrost. You can do this two ways, either let it defrost naturally or remove the ice yourself. Letting it defrost by itself will take more time, especially during a winter move with some movers Andover MA. If you decide to take the matter into your hand, then just make sure to do it with something that doesn’t have sharp edges, as this can force you to get a new fridge.

Protection is important, even for a fridge

Once everything has been cleaned and dried inside, it is time to close its door for good in your old home. This final step in the preparation process only requires a few materials, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Wrap the whole fridge in bubble wrap and secure it where needed with packing tape. This will mostly protect it from scratches and dents, which can greatly diminish its esthetical value.

Picture of a curly haired woman taking things from a fridge
When you think about how to prepare your refrigerator for a move, you might not think about protecting it

Final Thoughts

When you are thinking about how to prepare your refrigerator for a move, take your time. Leaving your fridge to dry out before closing can take a few days, during which you will still need to eat. You can try to survive those days with meals that require pantry items or by ordering food. Choose whichever is more convenient for your moving budget, but don’t skip meals! And once you get your fridge to your new home, don’t plug it in for 24 hours, so that the refrigerant has time to settle after the transport. With these steps, you won’t have any problems.