How to prepare when moving a beauty salon

Are you ready to start moving a beauty salon, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Preferred Movers have years of experience on the matter, and we’ll do our best to prepare you for this experience. Relocating your business is always a matter of time! That’s why organization is key when you’re moving a beauty salon. Let’s dive in deeper and face this situation head-on!

finding new beauty salon
Notify your regular customers of the change as soon as you know the new location of the salon.

Moving a beauty salon requires a plan

  • Find a new place for the salon. This is a prerequisite to starting to plan the relocation and book movers Portsmouth NH, but it is a part of the preparation. Take your time, and don’t rush into the first available place that you find. Make sure that you’ve exhausted all of your options: contacts, social media, ads, and even trips around the neighborhoods that you’ve always aimed at.
  • Notify your customers of the change. When you’ve found the place, give information to your regular customers to let them know about the upcoming change of venue. As time goes by, you’ll need to keep reminding people that you’re about to relocate more often. Post it on your salon’s website, hand out the leaflets in the new area, and do all that you can to notify people.

Think about whether you’ll relocate the equipment when moving a beauty salon

Moving heavy, bulky furniture pieces and items can be very expensive. Anyone who has ever hired some of the movers Bedford NH offers, knows that big and bulky furniture pieces are the ones that mostly skyrocket your bill. That’s why you should think about selling your equipment and buying new tools – if you’re not relocating locally. Sometimes that’s a more convenient option, especially if your new space requires different furniture to make the whole space more functional.

Pack and clean everything you can yourself

If you have enough time and energy, you should start cleaning and packing your items as soon as you don’t need them anymore. Designating the time during which you won’t have customers so you can pack is necessary in case you don’t want to hire professional movers. To prepare when moving a beauty salon, you should also:

  • Order new items such as hair and skin-care products to the new address
  • Transfer utilities before you leave so your salon can start working right away
  • Remove any salon brandings, logos, and marks
moving a beauty salon
When moving a beauty salon, pack your products in boxes and label them – this will help with the unpacking process!

Get professional help and move your salon in a timely manner

Moving a beauty salon is a process that requires a lot of time and energy if you’re doing it on your own. To get help with organization and get ahead of potential bumps on the road, consider hiring professionals. That way, you’ll make sure that there are no delays in relocation. Who wants their relocation to be late and affect the business? Give us a call today and make moving a beauty salon a breeze. Book the efficient commercial relocation that you’ve been dreaming of!