How to prepare glassware for storage

Using storage has many positive sides. People have more space to store all kinds of items. And mostly they are renting storage units when relocating home. Realizing you have more items than you can handle will not be the first time it happened. So, you must either get rid of it all or find more space to keep them. But some of those items are fragile and require special care. Today we will explain how to prepare glassware for storage and transport them safely. Hopefully your storage North Hampton NH is not too far away. Nevertheless, if you pack like a pro, nothing is standing in your way.

Prepare glassware for storage and use only the highest quality packing supplies

Before you can prepare glassware for storage and pack anything, you must obtain all necessary packing materials. You can order everything online or purchase from the nearest hardware store. But the easiest way is to purchase everything from your movers in NH. You are already communicating with them and they will visit the site to provide onsite estimates. So why not tell them to bring the whole batch with them. It is affordable, lucrative, and convenient. Now, consider purchasing the following materials:

  • Carton boxes.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Blister packs.
  • Labels.
obtain packing materials and prepare glassware for storage
Use only the appropriate sizes and quality packing materials to pack your glassware.

Those are just the mandatory ones. You can always purchase something fancy like packing peanuts, Styrofoam, customized boxes, plastic bins, etc. Realize what kind of items you are packing and purchase materials accordingly.

The amount of glassware you are storing

Of course, before you order your materials, you must know how many you need. And the only way to find it out is to inspect all your belongings. Do a thorough home inspection if you are moving and make a list of all items and furniture you possess. You’ll need a list for a storage unit and the other one for your new home. Just because you must divide it into two batches and avoid mixing boxes when dropping off the cargo at the storage unit.

a woman making a list
Inspect and locate all your glassware and put it on the inventory list.

So, figure it all out, make an inventory list, and it will help you realize the complexity of the move. Also, you’ll be able to calculate your budget and the number of packing supplies required. Once you have your numbers crunched, call your local movers NH and communicate the details further. They will prepare you for the journey ahead and once everything is wrapped up, you can prepare glassware for storage and start packing.

Cardboard is your greatest weapon

Carton boxes are the main packing materials. Whatever you want to transport, a cardboard box will hold it. Of course, you must assemble them properly and never overstuff them if you want to keep them all in one place. You can use cardboard as a buffer, cushion, to wrap furniture with it, and more. But mainly you will use cardboard boxes for moving and storing. So, try to obtain enough of them and always use higher-quality ones. As we mentioned earlier, you can obtain everything at the local home depot. Or purchase everything online. You can even find cheap moving boxes on Craigslist. Yes, they are already used but you can surely find a batch that is in good shape and save some money in the process. Especially if you have a lot of stuff and you need more than 30 boxes.

Prepare glassware for storage and pack it safely

Ok, now when you have everything required to pack your glassware and other household items, let’s get right to it. Start by sorting your stuff out. Gather all breakable pieces, fragile items, and glassware of course in one room. Or pack room by room and pack gradually along the way. We prefer the first option simply because you’ll remove all breakables from the way and pack everything else without any fear that you’ll break something. But you will choose the best option for you in the end. So, start with the kitchen because most of your glassware is already there. Then, move on the liquor cabinets and other glassware around the house.

a guy holding a labeled box
All boxes should have a label with the content inside. Especially those that hold your glassware.

As for packing, start by taking a box, placing a cushion inside, and then cradling the fragile items inside. You must create a nice cushiony environment if you want to avoid the collision. Use cardboard and blister packs as a buffer. Keep it light and never go over 50lbs in weight. For fragile items, you shouldn’t go over 30lbs, to be honest. And once your box is full, tape it down and apply labels. This way you can locate all items when you need them and your movers will know what they are handling. But in the end, you can skip the entire process if you purchase moving services NH. Let your movers pack everything and relocate safely. You won’t have to stress out and ever think about it because your glassware will be in good hands.

Do you need help?

Packing in general is boring, time-consuming, and stressful. Having someone with you to make it easier and more fun is advisable. Therefore, get your friends to help you move and to pack your glassware with you. And if you are not moving but only packing for storage, then it will be even easier to get one of your friends to stop by. Usually, when you ask people to help you move, they make excuses and out of 10, you have one positive response. Simply because people don’t like to move, let alone someone else.

Hopefully, you have your best friend available for the occasion. It will mean a lot if someone can assist with such a delicate task. They can help with packing materials, holding your boxes, was glassware, and much more. Just having an extra pair of hands will make this task ten times easier and safer. But in the end, just to have someone with you to keep you company should be enough.

Now you know how to prepare glassware for storage. It is nothing too hard apart from the breakable nature of the items in question. Just be focused while handling glassware and take your time when packing. If you rush it, you will increase the chance of damages. Good luck.