How to prepare furniture for storage

If you are preparing to store your furniture in a storage unit and you have no experience with this matter, it would be smart to get some basic guidelines before you start. Because storing furniture looks like a simple thing. But, there are many dangers that threaten your furniture while it is stored inside a storage unit. From moist and dust to rats, mice and other pests. That is why moving companies Amesbury MA suggest their customers pack and prepare furniture for storage thoroughly. Also, to use quality packing materials. And to pay special attention to wooden, leather, and metal parts. Of course, if you are planning to store your furniture long term. On the other hand, if you plan to store your items only for a few days until you move, your main concern will be to protect it from damage while in transport.

Questions you need to answer when you want to prepare furniture for storage

When you plan to store your furniture, a few things you will have to determine before you start dealing with it. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which items are you going to store?
  • For how long do you plan to store it?
  • Why are you storing it?
  • Where will you store your furniture pieces?
  • What types of materials can you find on your pieces?
  • Can your furniture be disassembled?
  • What packing materials to use?
  • Are you going to need professional help?

You will need to have an answer to each of these questions if you want to prepare your furniture for storage properly.

Leather on furniture
Some materials require special care if you want to keep it in storage

Make sure that you have a proper reason for storing your furniture

One of the most important things to do when you want to prepare furniture for storage is to determine where to store it. And that depends on a few things. First, how many items do you want to store? Second, for how long do you plan to store it? Finally, maybe the most important question is why you are storing it.

If you just want to replace a piece or two with new, maybe you can find it some new use in your garage or in your basement. On the other hand, if you have several large items that you want to store, and you do not have a place to keep them in your home, you will need to rent a storage unit. That now leads to a question of why are you storing it.

Even though Merrimac moving companies earn by renting storage space, they always advise their customers, that don’t have an answer to that question, to avoid renting storage units. Why? Just look at the number of abandoned storage units and you will get the picture. Even a few businesses evolved around abandoned storage units. And they are all counting on people who rent storage units just to store old furniture.

If you have a proper reason for storing your furniture, and you know it is going to be long term, renting a storage unit is the best way to go.

What to watch out for when preparing furniture for storage

Even with the best storage facilities, there are always certain issues that you need to address properly. Moist, dust and pests will be your main concerns. Between these three, dust is the most harmless, especially for wooden, leather and metal furniture. Still, you would want to protect your items from it, too.

The things you need to watch out the most are pests and moist. Even if your storage facility is moist-free, sometimes, if there are significant temperature fluctuations, condensation can appear. And that can create a wet environment in which wooden parts of your furniture won’t stand a chance. That means that you need to pack it properly to protect it.

Finally, make sure that the facility in which you are renting a unit is pest free. If you are not sure maybe you can hire pest control to go through your unit before your items arrive.

A white rat to watch out for when preparing furniture for storage
Watch out for pests

Disassembling furniture before storing it

Before you start packing your furniture, you will need to disassemble it, if it’s possible. It is much easier to pack and move small individual pieces. For this, you will need a set of tools and a basic knowledge about using it. Also, you need to know a little bit about furniture construction. But be aware that some pieces cannot be disassembled, especially old, antique furniture pieces. But try to take down to pieces everything that you can. You will be able to clean and pack every piece properly. And they will take much less space this way.

Clean your furniture before storing it

After you disassemble it, your next step is cleaning. It is always smart to clean your furniture pieces before storing them long term. For this, you will need proper cleaning products. Of course, depending on the type of materials you are cleaning. If you are storing leather furniture, get some leather conditioners and apply a thick layer to prevent cracks that could appear on the material.

Cleaning props
Make sure that you clean it before packing it

Pack and prepare furniture for storage

Now that your furniture is prepared, you can start packing it. Furniture is best packed in moving blankets, pads, and plastic wraps. Larger pieces you should cover with moving blankets or pads and then wrap it all together with a stretch wrap of bubble plastic. The plastic layer will protect it from the external humidity. And the blanket inside, besides protecting it from scratches, will protect it from condensation moisture. Which can form on internal walls of plastic wraps when it is cold.

Finally, you can wrap individual pieces in cloths and wrap them tightly in bubble plastic. Just make sure that you keep all the pieces together. And to safeguard your screws and bolts.  Of course, the easiest way to prepare furniture for storage is to hire packing services NH. They will do all these things for you. And, as they are professionals, they will probably do it better than you.

Large and heavy furniture

When preparing furniture for storage you could have problems with large and bulky items. In that case, piano movers NH are your way out. They will help you with all the heavy pieces and they could also transport it to your storage.