How to prepare for moving while pregnant

Moving is a stressful and complicated task. It requires lots of mental and physical work. And it is never guaranteed that it will be successful. Of course, there are situations where those mental and physical requirements are just too much. If you are moving while pregnant, preparing and organizing everything will be difficult, but not impossible. Especially with the help of movers Windham NH. They will assist you during the whole process, but there will still be things that you will have to do on your own. If you are wondering how to prepare for moving while pregnant read this helpful article and find out.

Prepare a plan when moving while pregnant

The best way to ease your move, pregnant or not, is to make a moving plan. Go through every aspect of your relocation. Think about getting rid of your excess items, hiring long distance movers in Maine, packing and more. The important thing with planning a move is to start planning at least 8 weeks before your scheduled date. That way you will have time to organize everything and you will have time to make adjustments to your plan and schedule along the way. Besides, some things should be done on time if you want to be successful.

woman learning about moving while pregnant
Prepare a plan when moving while pregnant

Get rid of your excess items before anything else

One of the first things that you should do when moving while pregnant is to get rid of your excess items. This is an important step, so do not skip it. The purging will help you in many ways, but it takes time and lots of physical effort to be done correctly. First, you will need to find appropriate help. Pregnant women should not lift and move heavy objects so you will need at least two pairs of helping hands. Search through your items and set aside everything that you are not using and that you would like to replace them. Especially heavy objects, and pieces of furniture as they affect the moving price mostly. After you finish, look at your items and decide what to do with them.

  • If you have enough quality items you can decide to organize a yard sale. That way you can earn money for your items. But you will need at least a month to organize and advertise your sail properly.
  • If you have a few pieces of furniture maybe you could try to sell them online. That also takes time, unfortunately.
  • You can donate your items to a charity organization, school or somewhere else, depending on the items you have. In some states, if you donate your items you could become eligible for certain tax deductions.
  • Pay your helpers with your excess items, if they can find a good use for them.
  • Finally, take your items to a recycling center if they are not usable anymore.

Make a moving inventory list, use online apps

After you removed your excess items, it is time to start preparing your moving inventory list. It is a list that will contain all items that you are planning to pack. Some researchers say that the average American home contains over 300,000 items, so good luck with that. Luckily, it is not so hard as it sounds. And you could make it even easier if you use phone apps instead of the pen and paper. There is a number of useful apps online that you can use to create a moving inventory list. Also, they have many options that will make this task much easier. Visit

Using phone
Use your phone to prepare a moving inventory list

Search for the best movers

Now that you have prepared your moving inventory list, you can start searching for appropriate moving services NH that will help you in your situation. Of course, when moving while pregnant you want the least stress possible and you want to be able to move without much physical work. That means that you need to find reliable professionals that have a clean record.

Search for moving companies and use to check them out. You will find lots of useful information there. After you locate few good-looking companies, use the moving inventory list you created to get their estimates.

Finally, all you have to do is to compare those estimates and pick the best one. Just be careful and avoid really low estimates as those are usually frauds.

Hire professional packer when moving while pregnant

Of course, when moving while pregnant you want to avoid every physical work. And packing is the thing that requires the most of it during a move. So your goal will be to ease or to avoid packing completely. And how to avoid packing when you have to move? Well, you can hire professional packing services NH to pack your belongings so you do not have to do anything. You can just sit, watch and give instructions if you wish. And your packers will pack your items securely using the best packing materials and they will do it in the shortest time possible. Of course, this service costs extra but it will certainly pay off, especially in your situation.

Cardboard boxes
Hire professionals to pack your items

Let your friends pack you if you are moving while pregnant

Of course, you can avoid paying for those services and to try to pack with the help of your family members or friends. But bear in mind that you will have to prepare lots of packing materials, organize everything, pack each item, and it will surely be hard to avoid physical work completely. Especially if your friends are helping you. If you decide to go down this road then you will have to prepare the following:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes. You can use online calculators to determine how much boxes will be enough for your home.
  • Bubble plastic for wrapping and padding.
  • Stretch wrap
  • Packing tapes
  • Plastic bags
  • Moving Blankets
  • Labels and permanent markers

Let your friends pack your stuff and you can be there as a consultant. Try to avoid all physical work if you’re moving while pregnant. Especially if it includes heavy items. Just make sure that you pack your items before your movers arrive and you will be ready to go.