How to prepare for moving in bad weather

Is the moving day that is just around the corner making you on edge? Have you covered all the bases? Even bad weather? Are you going to put yourself at risk by driving a moving truck in spite of unsafe traffic conditions? Speaking of which, have you checked your eyesight recently? The fog can be pretty nasty. If you’re not entirely sure you can pull it off, opt for hiring professionals. They will do everything for you. Here’s what you should consider when it comes to moving in bad weather:

Moving in bad weather is a rather unpleasant experience
Moving in bad weather is daunting

Packing supplies matter

Bad weather is one of the greatest difficulties you can face when moving. Ice-covered highways are hazardous for heavy moving trucks loaded with your possessions. Not to mention some of your belongings are fragile, thus easily breakable. Also, wooden furniture might suffer harm if it falls off the truck. Household appliances are in danger, too. To remain your items intact, you need to protect them during packing. What does this mean?

Well, it means you need to be very picky about the moving supplies. For example, you need moisture-proof containers in case of rain showers. Cardboard boxes will get wet. Correspondingly, they won’t safeguard your possessions adequately. For this reason, you should consider using plastic bins instead. In light of this, packing services NH seems to be the life-saver.

Furthermore, why don’t you cover them in bubble or plastic wrap? It will act as a protective layer.

Hire a reputable moving company

If you don’t want to take any chances, you should consider hiring a moving company. They’re experienced in moving households in bad weather. Besides, they have professional equipment that is designed to resist harsh weather conditions. Unless you’ve hired a fraudulent company, professional movers know how to make the relocation go like clockwork. What’s more, they’re familiar with unique lifting techniques. These prevent moving injuries from happening.

Moving specialists are used to relocate people in spite of rain, snow or ice. They will make sure your items will remain intact despite the poor weather. Also, loading a moving truck like a pro is not as easy as it may seem. So, a DIY move might not be the best-case scenario.

Another advantage of hiring a trustworthy moving company is they take care of transport. To drive in the middle of a thunderstorm is beyond stressful, isn’t it?

Make use of trash bags

Has it ever occurred to you trash bags can be versatile in terms of their purpose? If not, maybe you should think again. Trash bags are excellent when it comes to relocating in bad weather. The melting snow won’t endanger your belongings inside them. Besides, they are large enough to pack possessions such as

  • blankets
  • clothes
  • bed linen
  • bathrobes
  • pillows
  • towels
  • pillowcases

Additionally, you can use those to pack your children’s teddy bears. Knowing they are safe despite the thunderstorm is a weight off your kids’ mind.

Moreover, you can benefit from using trash bags to pack winter garments such as woolen sweaters. Truth to be told, they’re inadequate if you want to move a piano, for instance.

You can rest assured your items will remain intact notwithstanding the poor weather. Being tightly sealed, they will reach your new address in one piece.

Trash bags facilitate moving
Trash bags are incredibly useful when it comes to moving

Adjust your outfit

If you’ve chosen to move during cold days, pick suitable clothes. Dress in accordance with weather reports. Wear warm jackets, trousers, sweaters. By the same token, don’t forget to put a hat, scarf, and gloves on. Gloves are particularly important if you plan on unloading the moving truck on your own. Without gloves, your digits will freeze in case of extremely low temperatures. This will lead to dropping moving boxes either on the ground or worse, on your feet.

Basically, this is how moving injuries take place. They can be rather painful. Moreover, they cause you to sit tight for weeks. This chain of events postpones the whole moving operation. In brief, this is one of the worst-case scenarios.  Also, pay attention to adequate footwear. Otherwise, you risk severe back injuries and limb fractures. Moving safety is of paramount importance.

Bear a raincoat and umbrella in mind at all times

As annoying as it may be, you should have an umbrella and a raincoat at hand all along. This protective equipment will shield both you and your items. Feeling under the weather is the last thing you need when moving. Relocating is daunting even when you’re in perfect health. If you don’t feel well due to a cold or worse, you’re easily irritable. As a consequence, your negotiation skills might not be satisfying. You can bet shady movers won’t hesitate to play games with you. However, you can prevent this by informing on services of various moving companies Maine. So, it’s vital to bring your A game with you when making a decision which moving company to hire.

Get an umnbrella to go through moving in bad weather without ending up sick
Umbrellas are your allies when it comes to moving in bad weather


To sum up, moving in bad weather is tricky. However, you can prepare adequately. First of all, make sure to adjust your outfit. Wear warm garments and don’t forget high-quality gloves and boots which won’t jeopardize your limbs despite the icy path. Moreover, have a raincoat and umbrella at hand at all time. Umbrellas are useful as they can protect the boxes too. Next, think about making use of trash bags. They’re moisture-free, so you should take advantage of this howell’s heating & air. Also, they’re exceptional when it comes to carrying bulky household items that are not heavy and oddly shaped. For the same reason, choose adequate packing supplies such as bubble or plastic wrap. Lastly, you might opt for hiring a moving company to avoid dealing with bad weather relocation. This gives you a piece of mind.