How to prepare clothes for storage

In relocations, there are two very broad situations that occur. People may either be moving directly to a new home or renting a storage space for the time between moving out and moving into a new home. In fact, some people might directly move to a house but still decide to rent out a storage space for some of their belongings. In these cases that involve storage, it would be wise to research how best to protect your items for storage. There are several types of items susceptible to being damaged in storage, that one would be smart to prepare well. Paintings, antique furniture and clothes are just some of those items that will need to be prepared before they are locked in a unit, to ensure their safety. So, with that in mind, we decided to talk today about how to prepare clothes for storage.

Step one – find a good storage unit

Before you even start to prepare clothes for storage, you should look into where you will be storing them. Not all storage spaces are the same. There are very secure storage units, with climate control and then there are storage units that do not offer such great protection to your items. Of course, closely tied to the quality of the storage space is the price. Climate and humidity controlled units will cost the most, however they are essential for storing certain items like business paperwork.

An old storage unit. When you prepare clothes for storage make sure you choose a quality storage unit as well
Not all storage spaces are made equal and depending on what kind of a unit you chose, you might need to take different precautions.

On the other hand, professionals from the storage units North Hampton NH might tell you that for storing clothes you may not need such strict conditions. Of course, it would be more ideal if you had them, however, they can be a strain on the budget. On the other hand, if prepared well, your clothes should do just fine in your standard storage unit. This further accentuates the importance of knowing how to prepare clothes for storage, so, let’s explore this right away.

What will you need to prepare your clothes for storage?

When you decide that you will prepare your clothes for storage, you should first think about what are all the items you will need. To ensure the safety of your clothes and them remaining intact in storage you should really look to get these:

  • Plastic, sealable-lid, containers
  • Vacuum Bags
  • Protective plastic wrap
  • Mothballs
  • Boxes or crates

The idea here is to protect your clothes from anything that might harm them in storage. We are talking both about natural hazards such as humidity and temperature as well as rodents and insects. That is why sealable lid containers should be your go-to option when you prepare clothes for storage. They offer incredible protection from moisture and even if there is a leak or a full-on flood of the storage unit, they should be able to protect your items. Furthermore, they will keep any insects and other vermin firmly out. Industry professionals like movers Merrimack NH might also advise you to throw in a mothball for an added effect.

A mouse eating a t-shirt
When you prepare clothes for storage, keep in mind all the dangers that might befall them while. in a storage unit

Vacuum bags are also a good choice for short term storage. They reduce the volume of space your clothes take up and keep them dry and safe. However, there are certain types of clothes that get damaged in vacuum bags. Also, it is not advisable to keep any kind of clothes for prolonged periods of time in vacuum bags. Not to mention that rodents can eat through them and damage your clothes inside. All other items on our list are there to add a layer of protection when you prepare clothes for storage.

How to actually prepare your clothes for storage

Now that you found a location where you will store your clothes and gathered all the items you will need to do that, the only thing that remains is to actually prepare your clothes for storage. Here’s how to do it.

Plan it out

Before you prepare your clothes for storage you will need to take it out of the place you’re storing it right now. While doing that it would be smart to make a system that will help you access the clothes you will need first more easily. Also, it would be smart to form a keep pile and a donate pile, but we will talk about it in length below. First of all, you will want to take all the clothes that you intend on storing out. Then start sorting through it and sorting it by seasons.

Folded pants
Sort your clothes by season for easier access.

If you live in a place that has changing seasons you will want to pack same-season clothes together. This will make accessing them easier. Also, while you prepare clothes for storage, keep in mind what you will need first. Pack the containers with the upcoming-season clothes last, for the easiest access. Plan storing the rest by the season that will follow. This way you will be setting yourself up for less of a hassle during the season change, while you prepare your clothes for storage. This will result in less rummaging around the unit when the temperature change hits.


As we mentioned above, while you prepare clothes for storage by sorting it by seasons, form a throw/give-away pile. In it, you can put any clothes that don’t fit you by size or style anymore. In essence, you are not likely to wear anything that you haven’t worn in a year or two, unless they are specific items, like wedding gowns. You can donate these to a local charity and do some good work, while you prepare your clothes for storage!

The simple way to prepare clothes for storage

In this article, we aimed to give you a simple way to prepare your clothes for storage. Of course, every person has their own unique situation so it is up to you to find the right way to utilize our tips. However, we are certain they will be of great help to anyone looking for ways to store their clothes right.