How to Prepare a Refrigerator for a Move

Moving a refrigerator can be difficult because it is one of the heaviest appliances in your kitchen. It is also large, wide and can be awkward to get through doorways. Here is a guide on moving a fridge safely. With a little planning, it can be done!

moving a fridgeFirst, prepare your fridge for the move by removing everything inside. This includes food, condiments, ice cube trays and anything else that might rattle around inside. Remove all the shelves, trays and additional components in the fridge. This will remove some weight and make it easier to move.

Unplug the fridge and tape the power cord in a tight bundle right to the side of the fridge.  This will make sure it does not get in the way and trip someone during the move.

If there is a build up of frost in the freezer, you will need to give it time to defrost. Make sure you leave the doors to the fridge and freezer open while it is defrosting and drying. Keeping them closed can cause a bad smell to develop inside. You can also take this time to clean the inside of the fridge.

After your fridge is dry and clean, you can close the doors and secure them.  Secure them by tying the doors shut with rope or a bungee cord.  You don’t want the doors flying open during the move.

You are now ready to move the fridge. You will need the help of some friends and a dolly. If you can’t find anyone to help, you can always call us! Preferred Movers are one of the top rated movers in New Hampshire, Maine and Northern Massachusetts. Call us at 603-379-2272 for a free estimate.