How to pack your kitchen with ease

When it comes to packing your home for the move, you have to do it systematically, room by room. Every room should be packed in a few boxes label with the name of the room. This will make your unpacking process easier. When you have finished packing your living room, bedroom, bathroom it is time to pack your kitchen. You are afraid because of many fragile dishes and glass. So many plates, cutlery, and appliances are waiting to be protected and boxes up. Don’t worry, with our helpful tips you will pack your kitchen with ease and success!

How to start?

The first thing you should do when start packing your kitchen is to remove all the perishables. Clean your fridge from food, throw away or donate it to charities or your friends. Don’t buy the food you won’t need until you move. You should only purchase the items you will use before the moving day. So, the first thing you should do is to sort and donate the food in your kitchen.

Food in refrigerator
remove all the perishables before start packing your kitchen

Sort everything out

Yes, it is a tough part of packing up your kitchen. This room is full of different items, and you need to find the most efficient way to sort them properly. Also, you should sort it on two piles. One pile should include the items you will pack in your essentials box and other items you should pack in other moving boxes. You should only carry the items you will need for sure. Items you don’t use anymore you should throw away, sell or donate. You can arrange a yard sale, or you can take your dishes to charities, they probably need it.

Pack your Essentials box

The essential box is a box that includes all the necessary items you need for the first days in nights in your new home until other boxes are unpacked. This box you should carry with you, do not put it inside the moving truck. Besides toiletries, clothes, documents and other personal objects, essentials box should include some items from your kitchen, such as:

  • Plates, cups, cutlery for everyone for two meals
  • One saucepan
  • Two or three sharp knives
  • Coffee maker and toaster (if you use them)
  • Dishwasher soap and cleaning materials

To pack your kitchen you need – Proper Packing material!

To pack your kitchen efficiently the things you need the most are packing materials. You need to buy sturdy boxes, packing paper and don’t forget – cardboard separators for glasses and cups. Also, you will need packing peanuts, tape, and markers (you will need it for labeling your boxes). You just need to pay attention to get the most quality packing supplies, so your belongings are properly packed and protected during the transition. Buy lots of packing paper to fill all your boxes, to avoid crashes and damages.

How to pack Appliances?

To pack your kitchen appliances properly, you need their original boxes and packaging. They are designed to provide the best protection for your appliances. So, if you have them, use them. But, if you don’t have original boxes, then you should try to find the best quality of boxes that can hold the appliances during the transportation. Make sure they are clean, dry and without holes and damages. Carefully protect and put them inside the boxes. Make sure there is only one appliance per box, to avoid crashes. There will probably be a lot of space left. Fill it with packing foam or packing peanuts. Label each box with the name of the appliance and how fragile it is.

refrigerator you should move carefully when you pack your kitchen
Make sure to move your kitchen appliances carefully and don’t forget to protect your back

How to handle fragile glasses and plates?

Packing fragile items is the most complicated process. It is stressful to think about the damages and crushes of your glasses and plates. Your cups, glasses, and plates are very fragile and breakable. So when you pack them, you should be very careful. Make sure to use the proper methods to protect each piece of your fragile items during transport.

Buy moving boxes designed for glasses

Packing and moving glasses is a very stressful task. You need a package that separates and protects them. So, you should look for this type of box. Go to the hardware stores or ask moving companies NH, they sell boxes like these. Also, professionals can provide you with professional packing services to give you the best possible protection to your fragile items.

When you pack your box with glasses, make sure not to drop it, and be careful while loading and unloading it from the moving truck.

fragile box
Packing and moving glasses is a very stressful task. You need a package that separates and protects them.

Improvise if you cannot find the right type moving boxes

If you can’t find moving boxes with separators for glasses, you can improvise. To pack your kitchen effectively, you should turn on your imagination and be creative. Your primary goal is to protect every piece from your kitchen. Make sure glasses, cups, and plates are separated and not in contact with each other. You can wrap your items in some plastic wrap. Any wrapping material you have is useful to protect your belongings. You can use towels, clothing, socks, etc.

The golden rule when you pack your kitchen: don’t mix items! Glasses should go with glasses, plates in the box with plates. Don’t combine places with metal items such as cutlery.