How to pack your items for NH storage

Packing your clothes when traveling and moving is one thing. Having to pack your items for NH storage is quite a task. Even though we know packing big and small items into boxes, taping them up, and marking them isn’t the most fun activity to do, we’re here to help. We suggest you do this as soon as possible and not leave it for the last day. We are here to share some tips on packing your items for NH storage and how to do it efficiently. 

Get enough packing supplies before you pack your items for NH storage

This might seem silly, but just like the clients who have hired movers Stratham have done, try to get all the packing supplies before you pack your items for NH storage. Make this easy and convenient for yourself. This does not mean you should get enough different boxes. Yes, boxes are important, but all the additional supplies are also very important.

You don’t want to be in the middle of packing and realize you have to drive to get more duct tape or wrapping paper. This can cause an inconvenience and take away from your schedule. That’s why Local movers NH recommend that you get all the needed packing supplies before packing the first item.

a couple packing knows how to pack your items for NH storage
Before you pack your items for NH storage, get all the needed supplies so you can do it all in one go

Once you have all your packing and moving supplies (and emergency extras) you are ready to start packing. This way you will be able to do it all in one go and not have to stop and continue the next day because your marker ran out of ink.

Don’t force everything into one box

If you ask your mom, she will probably tell you that you can fit a whole kitchen in one box if you arrange it well. However, try not to overload your boxes. Many people try to stack as many items as possible in one box so they can have fewer boxes to store. However, you are not doing your belongings any favor by doing this. Many storage units North Hampton NH are home to boxes that were overpacked by their owners, but all professional movers will tell you that this is not the way to do it.

When it comes to light items such as clothes, pillows, and cushions, you can try to pile them up in big boxes since they can’t get broken or damaged. Heavy and fragile items should be stored in smaller boxes. Preferably on their own or with something soft (such as scarves or blankets) inside. If you need more advice on how to pack your items for NH storage, you can consult with the movers Seabrook has to offer.

Disassemble your furniture

Don’t feel lazy and try to pack your items in the most convenient way. Many people just send their furniture off to storage in one piece. This is not helpful for either you or the movers. Do yourself a favor and disassemble your furniture. Professional movers in NH always advise their clients to put their furniture apart and make their packing for storage easier.

Two colorful chairs
Try to disassemble all of your furniture before you pack your items for NH storage

With these basic tips, you will save yourself a lot of time while you pack your items for NH storage. Take a few days off and make sure you pack properly and in peace. We hope these tips were helpful and we wish you good luck with packing and moving!