How to pack your car for a local move

You are organizing a local move and plan to transport some of your belongings by car. You wonder if you will be able to pack enough. As with any relocation, it’s crucial to have a good plan. Ultimately, it’s about traveling safely with all your belongings to your new home. Movers Portsmouth NH are going to share with you some tips on how to pack your car for a local move.

Downsize your stuff

As with any move, you should decide what things we need in the new space. It is the perfect opportunity to get rid of unnecessary belongings. Make a list of the things you own and divide them into three groups: keep, don’t need, and unsure. In this way, we will reduce the number of items to transport. If you don’t know what to do with unnecessary stuff, here are some suggestions:

  • Hold a moving sale
  • Donate
  • Recycle

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bags in the trunk of the car
Declutter your belongings before the move and make an inventory of your stuff so you can plan how to pack your car for a local move.

Take an inventory of the items you plan to pack in the car

Cars have limited space, so you should decide in advance what to pack. In this way, you can make the most of the available space. People often pack sensitive electronics for transport, such as music equipment or computers. Also, if you have a pet, it will probably travel with you, so reserve a seat for it and its belongings.

Empty the vehicle of unnecessary objects before packing

Before packing, inspect the car thoroughly and remove all unnecessary items. Also, clean the entire vehicle so it is fresh and ready to be packed and transported. There is always a solution for an efficient and safe move. Movers in NH will make your move go smoothly with their experience and professionalism.

Use all available space

The space in your car will probably seem limited, but you can get more space than you expected. You can lower the rear seats, giving you much more space in the trunk. Similarly, the spare tire space at the rear of the tailgate can be used to store stuff. The area under the seat is suitable for small items when moving.

You can upgrade the packing area

If you’re wondering how to pack your car for a local move, other components can help. Renting a trailer or adding an overhead carrier can increase the space needed for transportation. Also, consider renting a trailer and carrier to save on your budget. Trust the professional services of movers Nashua NH, whatever the size and complexity of your move. They listen to your needs and adapt the relocation to your specific requirements.

Couple putting boxes in the trunk of a car
To optimize the space in your car, avoid packing boxes.

Minimize packaging in boxes

Cardboard boxes are not the best solution for transporting your stuff in the car. They are fine when renting a truck or van, but car space is limited. Plastic bags are a much better solution. Then put them in bags that fit much better in the car. For bulky clothes and fabrics, use vacuum bags which will reduce the volume of the clothes and make them more suitable for transport. The most important thing when moving by car is to reduce the amount or volume of items.

Proper moving supplies are essential for packing items safely. Packing services NH will finish packing your belongings promptly and provide you with the necessary packing supplies.

Keep all the necessary items on hand

Moving can be messy, even with the best organization. Keep your documents and valuables on hand. Don’t forget to pack the things you need for the first night, such as personal toiletries and a change of clothes, in a bag on the side.
We hope these tips have helped you know how to pack your car for a local move. The most important thing is that you and your belongings reach your new home safely.