How to pack your backyard decorations for a move

When you think about relocating, the last thing that comes to mind is probably your garden. In the haste of the process, you can easily overlook some pieces of decoration just as the Preferred Movers NH are arriving. There are plenty of more important rooms in the house, you would think. Well, your garden deserves as much attention as any other space. After all, garden decorations are often fragile items. Let this guide be a reminder that you need to pack your backyard decorations for a move on time.

What things are considered garden decorations?

  • Garden ornaments
  • Children’s furniture and toys
  • Plants
  • Garden furniture (when you pack your backyard decorations for a move, these might be the most difficult
  • Light fixtures

Garden ornaments

Whether you are using some of the packing services NH, or doing it yourself, keep in mind that they are similar to indoor decoration. This means fragile, delicate, and prone to damage. Make sure you wrap them in enough wrapping paper and bubble wrap to ensure safe transportation. This way they will reach your new home intact.

Pack your backyard decorations for a move with enough bubble wrap
Bubble wrap will ensure safe transportation

Children’s toys and furniture

If you have children, there is a good chance that they have swings, slides, or pools in the garden. The first thing you need to do is clean them properly before moving to NH from MA. To save space, deflate everything that is inflatable or disassemble any parts that can come off. This way you will save plenty of space in the moving truck.

When you pack your backyard decorations for a move, plants need special care

With plants, the most cost-effective and easy way is to take cuttings or seeds with you. The bad side is that you will have to wait for your garden to develop. Some plants you will want to take with you, for different reasons. The only question is if they will survive the transport and new climate. Some moving companies will accept transporting plants, while others will refuse. Make sure to check with your local movers, to know what you are supposed to do. Also make sure to pack them properly in hard boxes, using tissue, clingfilm, and bubble wrap to protect the branches.

Garden furniture

Cleaning your furniture is the first step when you prepare it for transport. They get quite dirty outside, so you will need to wipe them down with a wet towel and multi-surface spray. Make sure that the pieces are properly secured in the moving van, to avoid them damaging other belongings.

Light fixtures

When you have a garden, you probably also have some kind of light fixtures. To protect them, you will need to wrap them in one or more layers of bubble wrap. This is mostly due to the fact that the lights have solar panels, which are fragile.

Clean light bulb
Light fixtures give the garden a special atmosphere

How to pack your backyard decorations for a move – conclusion

The most problematic thing when you pack your backyard decorations for a move is usually the plants. Check the regulations for transport, especially if you are traveling abroad. When this is taken care of, everything should be easy from here on. Good luck!