How to pack toys for a long distance move

Moving with kids is tough, but you already knew that. During this emotional and transitional period, children need the comfort of their beloved toys. You need to reassure them of your unconditional love, assure them that a wonderful new life awaits you, incite and support their adventurous spirit. In addition, you have to promise them that they will not lose anything that currently makes them happy, including their treasured toys. Most kids have a strong bond with their favorite toys. They help develop their imagination and creativity, stimulate their cognitive skills and bring comfort. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to make sure they arrive at your new home safe and sound. To that end, our experts at Preferred Movers NH came up with a guide on how to pack toys for a long-distance move. Read on so you can prepare well for this important task.

Wooden animal-shaped toys
Toys are more than just colorful items that always seem to be in your way, they play an important role in a child’s life.

How to pack toys for a long-distance move in 7 simple steps

Include your children in the process

If your children are old enough to grasp what’s going on, explain the circumstance in detail. Convince them that the toys that are placed into the moving boxes are not permanently lost, and they will be able to play with them again as soon as you move and unpack. Let them help you pack toys for your long-distance move. You can even attempt to make a game out of it. Let the kids arrange toys in boxes, label and decorate the boxes the way they like. Also, try to inspire your kids to think about their new room. Thinking about where they’d like to put their things, how they plan to decorate it can get them excited about the move. This will add a positive viewpoint to your relocation.

Reduce and sort the toys

Chances are your children have outgrown quite a few toys. They also probably have a number of broken toys lying around. If your kids aren’t too young, involve them in sorting as well. Talk with them and persuade them that getting rid of useless old toys is the mature thing to do. Set aside toys that are still in good condition to donate or sell. If you discard unused toys before you move, you’ll save money on packing supplies and your move, in general. Less stuff to move always equals a less costly move.

Of course, it’s possible there are toys your child has outgrown but you wish to keep. For instance, if you have or plan on having a younger child who will one day use the toys. Carefully pack these types of toys in a separate box for storage. Label the box clearly, so you don’t have to go digging through storage when the time comes to retrieve the toy.

As far as the rest of the toys go, sort them into different categories. There are probably many types of toys in the children’s room, teddy bears and plush toys, dolls, action figures, puzzles, LEGO toys, etc. Not all toys can be packed the same way. If you are unsure of your packing skills, or simply don’t have the time to do it properly, consider using packing services NH to make the process easier.

When you are preparing to pack toys for a long distance move, separate plush toys such as the one in the picture from other types of toys
Plush toys are easier to pack than some other types of toys.

Collect moving supplies to pack toys for a long-distance move

Now that you know which toys have to be packed, it’s time to gather the supplies. The best way to go about it is to order moving supplies a few weeks before the move so that you have enough time to pack. Since toys come in so many different shapes, sizes and materials, you’ll have to use different packing techniques, as well as boxes of different sizes. This is what you’ll need:

  • Medium and large-sized moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspaper or packing paper for filling the gaps
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Trash bags
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Permanent markers

Disassemble toys

Large toys should be disassembled before you pack them and the best movers York Maine has to offer come to pick them up. For example, rocking horses, teepee tents, walkers, jumpers, dollhouses can usually be disassembled. Also, dismantle delicate wooden toys before you pack them up. Doing so will prevent items from breaking while in transit to your new home. Don’t forget to put all the parts of the toy in the same box. That way you won’t lose important bits and pieces you need to properly reassemble the toy.

Clean and disinfect before you pack toys for a long-distance move

It’s a good idea to clean toys before transporting them. This allows you to have a fresh and clean start in your new home. In addition, used children’s toys can be quite dirty, especially if they aren’t routinely cleaned and disinfected. Wash items in warm soapy water. For those not suitable for washing we recommend wiping them down with baby-safe cleaning wipes. 

Child in a cardboard box drawing on the box
Involve your kids in packing as much as you can.

What is the best way to pack toys for a long-distance move?

The best way to pack toys for a long-distance move depends on the specifics of each and every toy:

  1. Soft toys, stuffed animals, and other plush toys. Place them in large plastic bags. This will keep them clean and dry during transportation.
  2. Dolls, action figures, models, and other similar toys. Wrap each item in packing paper or bubble wrap before placing it into a strong moving box.
  3. Large toys. The best way to pack board games, construction sets, jigsaw puzzles, and other playsets is to put them in their original boxes. If you didn’t save those, use sturdy boxes of similar sizes.
  4. Crafts supplies. Cautiously seal any inks, crayons, play dough, glue, and other art supplies to avoid spilling. Use sealable bags for this.
  5. Fragile toys. Wrap all battery-operated toys and other delicate toys in bubble wrap. Put them in well-padded boxes. Remember to label the boxes as fragile, so the movers know to handle them with the utmost care and attention.

If you have children of different ages, you’ll probably face packing different types of toys at once so make sure you get all kinds of supplies before you start. It’ll make your move a little more complicated, but the effort is worth it for your kids’ happiness and comfort.