How to pack fine china for relocation

With every relocation, proper packing is the key factor in ensuring your belongings reach their destination damage-free. That is why having movers Rockingham County help with this task is a smart move. Especially if you plan to pack fine china for relocation. Fine china is notorious for being fragile. Superior packing methods must be employed here in order to guarantee safe transport. If you do not have a moving company’s assistance, the following few lines will prove to be of great help.

Before you start to pack fine china for relocation, you want to make sure that you are working on a soft surface. This can either be your carpet, or you can opt for laying down some blankets. Anything that will provide a cushioned work surface.

Folded soft materials
In order to pack fine china for relocation, you have to ensure safety during every step of the process.

After that is taken care of, you can start with the following steps:

The proper way to pack fine china for relocation

The first step of protection

Take a sheet of packing paper or tissue paper and lay it flat on your work surface. This sheet should be large enough to cover the item completely. You would place plates face down and wrap them completely. Fold the corners inward to cover the plate. When it comes to bowls and cups, you would crumple one or more pieces of packing or tissue paper and place it inside the bowl or cup. Then, you can wrap them completely, folding the corners inward. Secure it all with tape.

The second step of protection

Place a large piece of bubble sheet flat on your work surface. Take the wrapped plates and place them in the middle of the bubble sheet. Cover them completely, and fold the corners inward, securing them with tape. When it comes to the bowls and mugs, you would hold the packing paper in place in the middle, as you carefully turn the bowl or mug over. Make sure to wrap it completely with bubble sheets, and secure the corners with tape. If cups have handles, cut a 4-6 inch wide strip of bubble sheet and wrap it around the handle. Tape that as well.

A set of fine china plates
You can never overdo packing paper and bubble sheets when packing fragile items.

Packing process

Find a cardboard box large enough for the plates to fit snugly. Too big of a box exposes the items to sliding around and getting damaged. Too small, and you risk breakage during the packing itself. Take your safely wrapped plates and place them face up in the bottom of a sturdy cardboard box. Make sure to place them one at a time, with great care and attentiveness. Stack them neatly. Do not place bowls and cups inside each other. Instead, make a single layer of bowls or cups by laying them carefully on the bottom of the box. Then, cover them with a substantial amount of peanuts or packing paper. If there is room, place another layer of bowls on top. You would then secure the box with plenty of quality packing tape.

Keep in mind that if you are struggling with this process, moving companies NH are always there to help ensure this is done properly. Do not restrain from asking for help if you need it, especially when you pack fine china for relocation.