How to pack and store summer clothes

Now that the winter is just around the corner, it would be a wise decision to pack and store summer clothes. They will only take a lot of space in your home, so you would want to do it as soon as possible. Not only that, but you will also preserve their quality when packing them. Sometimes this can be a really hard task, so Preferred Movers NH is here to help you. Follow our guide and find out how you can prepare for this.

Wash everything before you pack and store summer clothes

People tend to make one huge mistake when they are about to do this. They forget that it is important to wash your clothes before storing them. It is a known fact that moths, bacteria, and other pests are attracted to the smell of food, smoke, and other things that might attract them if you don’t wash them first. So, before you begin with the packing processes make sure to just put everything in the washer and get them out clean. Washing will allow you to keep them fresh and in good condition before you pack them for storage. Also, there are ingredients in the washing detergent that will repel pesky pests.

washing machine you will use to wash everything before you pack and store summer clothes
Wash everything before you pack and store summer clothes

Transporting your clothes can be tricky if you have a lot to move. There could be many boxes you’ll have to carry, so make sure to see what kind of things you need to do. And not to mention that you might have issues with packing. In that case, you should get packing services NH to help you pack everything properly for the move. IT is for the best if you let professionals help you pack and move your boxes with clothes.

Avoid using those dry-cleaning plastic bags

There are many reasons why these bags are not practical. And one of the biggest is that they will trap too much moisture in them. So, what you need to do before packing and storing your summer clothes is to take them out of these bags. Otherwise, the fibers of your clothes will stain and even snap. This can in return stale smell that will attract moths. If you do not want to end up with destroyed clothes, then this is what you need to do. Moths can easily destroy your expensive clothes, so make sure to do this to avoid any possible damages.

Although using plastic bags for transport is not a bad idea, still using them for storage is something you should avoid. As we mentioned, you can only damage your clothes that way. But, they are perfect when you want to move in a hurry. Simply put your clothes in them and you are ready to go. For any other moving task, you might require help, there are always movers Goffstown NH to help you move.  With their help, you will be able to move everything with ease.

Use vacuum bags to pack and store summer clothes

They are just a perfect solution to this problem! If you have a lot of clothes that you can’t pack at once, or it will just take too much space then this is the solution you have been waiting for. Vacuum bags can save you up to 80% of space when packing. This is good not only for storage but for relocation as well. You will be able to save so much space, that it will be possible to move everything at once. And buying vacuum clothes bags online is easy and very affordable. Think about this solution when you are about to pack your summer clothes for storage. It will keep them fresh and clean while they are stored in a storage unit. Not to mention well-protected at all times. That is something very important if you wish to pack and store expensive clothing pieces.

a person using vacuum bag
Use vacuum bags to save a lot of space

Buying sealed storage is a good idea

Once you are done washing and folding your summer clothes, you can use sealable plastic storage boxes for this occasion. They are perfect because they will provide your clothes with the best protection you will need while storing them. Also, you need to make sure to leave a small gap between the top of the items and the lid. That will allow the constant flow of fresh air to reach the clothes. And things like summer dresses, and other delicate items, should be packed in cotton garment bags. They will provide you with good protection so it is for the best if you get them in time.

person holding a plastic box
Plastic boxes are excellent for this

Not only is getting these items a good idea, but it will also speed up the moving process. Let’s just say that you don’t have enough time to pack everything properly for the move. It can be stressful to do it in a rush, so you would want to place them in a storage unit. Well, sometimes you won’t be able to even do this because of all the stress and time you don’t have. That is why you need to know tips for finding storage units fast. It will allow you to better prepare for this task, so you can focus on other things.

These are some of the best tips and tricks you can use when you want to pack and store summer clothes before moving out. With these guidelines, you will certainly move everything properly and without any problems at all. Furthermore, you can also visit our blog. There are many things you can find out there that can make your relocation easier. With all the guidelines you can follow, you will see just how easy it is to make the complex relocation simple. Once you have decided what you want to do, give us a call and schedule your moving date today!