How to pack and move valuable artwork?

One of the most difficult things when moving is protecting your items. If you have to pack and move valuable artwork, things become even more complicated. Of course, the best way to do this is to find and hire moving companies Amesbury MA that have staff trained to handle sensitive and valuable pieces of art. However, you do not have to pay professionals to keep your valuables safe. There are ways to do this on your own. But you will need to prepare suitable packing materials and apply appropriate packing methods.

Items you need to prepare when packing and moving valuable art

If you are relocating and you have valuable artwork to pack and move, ask your moving companies Massachusetts if they can offer some assistance. A lot of moving companies have staff that is trained for handling valuable artworks. If your movers do not have experience with this, or you do not want to pay for packing services, you will need to prepare suitable packing materials. Here is what you will need to prepare:

  • Cardboard boxes of suitable sizes and shapes are a good way to pack and move valuable artwork
  • Bubble plastic is the best material for keeping your valuables safe during transport
  • Moving blankets will protect even the largest pieces
  • Packing tape to secure your packages
  • Markers and labels
A cardboard box
Cardboard boxes are a good way to protect your valuable art during a move

Find mirror boxes for packing and moving paintings

A cardboard box doesn’t look like a thing that can protect valuable items. However, if you are moving a painting, for example, a mirror box could be the best way to keep your art in one piece. Ask your movers Portsmouth NH if they can provide you with mirror boxes before the move.

Use bubble plastic to pack and move oddly shaped artwork

Protecting unconventionally shaped items during a move is always a difficult question. If you have items that cannot fit in any standard box, your only solution is to wrap it in several layers of bubble plastic.

Use a moving blanket to pack and move the largest artwork

Bubble plastic is a good way to keep items that cannot fit in a box safe. However, sometimes there are items that are just too big. In that case, moving blankets could be your only solution.

Use packing tape to pack valuable artwork properly

Whether you are packing your items in boxes or wrapping them in bubble plastic or moving blankets, you will need packing tape to secure it. One of the good solutions is a WAT tape that is water-resistant and will do a good job of keeping your items sealed even during bad weather.

Bubble plastic and packing tape
When you want to pack and move valuable artwork, bubble plastic and packing tape will be one of the essentials

Do not forget to label your items

Finally, if you are planning to pack and move valuable artwork on your own it is important to label it properly. Use sticker labels and permanent markers to make sure that you and your movers know which items are most fragile.