How to pack and move office electronics?

When you are moving a business, one of the things that you will surely be most concerned about is how to pack and move office electronics. Those pieces of equipment are the most valuable parts of your office. Unfortunately, they are also the most sensitive. That is why moving them can represent a big challenge. Luckily, movers Rye NH are always ready to give you a hand. However, if you are determined to do it relying solely on your company’s workforce, read the advice down below.

Read instruction manuals before you move office equipment

Every piece of electronic equipment has its own specifics. For someone who is not professionally tied to it, it is hard to know how every specific machine should be handled. That is why moving companies Maine always consult instruction manuals before they relocate office electronics. If you will be doing this by yourself, you should do exactly the same.

Instruction manual
If you want o move office electronics properly, read the instruction manual first. It is very important.

Pack your electronics in original packaging

One of the most important parts of moving office IT equipment are packing supplies. They are the main ingredient that will keep your items safe during transport. If you want to make sure that your electronics and the important data on them are safe, invest in quality packaging. Of course, Movers Greenland NH will advise you to use the original packaging. That is if you saved it after purchase.  Those boxes are designed to keep a specific item safe during transport.

Packing supplies you will need for moving office IT equipment

If you, like most people, didn’t save the original packaging you will have to find some other way to pack and move your company’s IT equipment. For this, you will need:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes are the crucial element to move office electronics safely.
  • Bubble plastic for wrapping and padding
  • Plastic bags for cables and smaller pieces
  • Packing tape
  • Labels and markers
  • A small set of tools

Watch out for cables, they will give you headaches if you are hasty

One of the biggest problems that you can encounter during packing and moving office equipment are cords. If you are not very well acquainted with where which cable goes, you will have trouble connecting them after the move. Luckily, there are a few very simple solutions for this. Of course, the simplest of them all is to take a picture of the cable assembly before you start pulling them out. Alternatively, you can use color stickers or labels to mark them.

Yellow cables
You could have troubles with cables

Packing office electronics and loading into a truck

Finally, the most important part is to pack your IT equipment properly. First, try to find a box that will, at least, closely match the size of the machine you will pack. The box shouldn’t be too big, nor too small. Next, use the bubble plastic to wrap the item. Put it inside the box and make sure that it can’t move. Also, put the matching cables inside.  Use the packing tape to seal the box. Finally, label the box so that you know what’s inside.

After you packed everything, there is only one more thing to worry about, loading the moving truck. When you move office electronics, make sure that they are safe inside the truck. Do not put something heavy on them. Be careful that they cannot fall from somewhere. Or that something else can fall on them.