How to pack and move expensive rugs

As we all know moving is quite stressful. There is a lot of stuff that goes into a perfect move. From proper planning and organizing to packing and relocating. However, if you want to have a stress-free move you should learn how to pack. More importantly, you should learn how to pack and move your expensive rugs. This will prevent harm to your belongings. And, on top of that, you’ll be able to relocate safely and stress-free, knowing that your rugs are safe. So, if you don’t want to get packing services and relocate by yourself this article is for you.

a closeup of a rug
Rugs can be quite expensive. That’s why we always recommend our clients to find a reliable moving company instead of trying to relocate their expensive rugs by themselves.

The best way to pack and move expensive rugs

Moving an expensive rug is simple. Preferred Movers will break down the process into three effortless steps.

  1. Roll from the short end of the rug. You might need the help of two people for larger rugs.
  2. Wrap the rug in padding paper. You should place the rag onto the padding paper so it overlaps the end of the rug by about 6”. Then wrap the end of the rug in padding paper. Afterward, repeat for the same thing on the other end of the rug.
  3. Tape the padding paper. Be careful not to tape the rug because removing tape from the rug could damage it.

Your trusty local movers NH are going to let you on a little secret. You don’t need to cover the entire rug in padding paper. This is unnecessary. You just want to cover the ends of the rug so you can secure the rug during relocation. After you’ve finished relocating, just remove the padding paper, and unroll your rug. And that’s it! Just as we promised, right?

Why should you consider hiring professional movers?

So, if this is all that easy why would you ever need to hire a professional moving company? Well while the actual process is simple, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy. For example, what would you do if your precious expensive rug got damaged during the move? Or worse, stolen?

Movers coming to help pack and move expensive rugs
Moving is easier with help. Especially if you hire professionals. They’ll be able to relocate your expensive rug in no time flat.

That’s where movers Portsmouth NH come into play. We offer high-quality packing services at an affordable price. However, we also offer moving insurance. So, if your belongings get damaged in relocation we’ll cover your losses. And that’s where the value of having professionals pack and move expensive rugs for you comes to the forefront. And that’s not mentioning the time and effort you’ll save from not having to do all of those things yourself! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! We will also throw in a moving quote, free of charge.