How to pack and move an outdoor playset

Every family knows that moving with children is truly a challenge. There are more tasks on your moving checklist than usual, and you also need to take care of them every day during your moving process. One way to make this easier is to look into potential Newburyport moving companies to help you out. They can completely organize your move and carry it out, so you can focus on your family. For instance, they can fully pack and move an outdoor playset if you have one in your backyard! These playsets are usually tricky to move because they are so big and heavy. Let’s discuss a little bit how you can do it in no time! 

outdoor playset
Taking apart an outdoor playset like this one is the first step to moving it to your new home.

You can pack and move an outdoor playset easily

First things first, you’ll have to decide whether you want to tackle this task on your own or get help from one of the moving companies Maine. The process will greatly differ if you’re doing it by yourself. Movers will know exactly what they need to do, so we will not go into more details on that side. But, when you have to finish it without their help, these are the things you need to know. 

The first thing you will want to do is see how you will disassemble the playset. As with any bulky and heavy objects in your home, you should take them apart so they are easier to transport. Before you start, it is a good idea to take a few photos of the playset. That way, you can refer back to them when it’s time to assemble it, in case anything goes wrong. Secondly, you should put all the bolts and screws into their separate ziplock bags, so you don’t lose them. There is nothing worse than assembling a furniture piece or this playset and realizing that you are missing one crucial piece!

Get proper packing materials and pack everything separately

For instance, you should place the swings in one bag, and then the slide in another one. Make sure you wrap them tightly and secure them so they don’t break during the transport. Bubble wrap can do wonders, as long as it is tightly wrapped around the object! When you hire professional packers to do this, they will likely bring their own packing materials.

children on a swing
You should definitely pack all the loose parts of a playset separately, so they don’t get damaged during the move.

In case your outdoor playset is made of wood, you do not have to secure the beams in separate bags. Just make sure that the truck you will be moving them in is big enough so that everything can fit inside! As with any large items you are moving, you should discuss it with your chosen moving company before your moving day. Once they are familiar with everything you need to relocate, they will prepare accordingly and everything will go smoothly. Give us a call so we can start planning your family relocation right away!