How to pack an essentials bag when moving

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to another part of the world or just across town, an essentials bag is something that you need. You can’t risk losing those important things between the piles of boxes. Keeping all those important belongings in one place will help you stay organized. And most importantly it will help you stay as stress-free as possible during such a hectic time. Hiring Preferred Movers NH will give you the smoothest moving experience possible. The size of the bag will definitely depend on the distance you are moving and the number of things that you plan to bring with you. But what are those things exactly? Read on to find out how to pack an essentials bag when moving.

What should a moving bag contain?

When moving to NH from MA, you should bring all the things that you will need on moving day and the first few days in your new home. Traditional moving advice suggests trying to bring as few things with you as possible. But that is not the case with an essentials bag. A few extra things won’t hurt. The point of an essentials bag is to have the most needed things with you and know where they are at all times. The things you should pack are specific to your needs, but there are a few basics that everyone needs.

Important documents

You probably store your important things in a safe place when at home. Well, you should do the same during a move. You could store your other important things in one of the storage North Hampton NH has to offer. These include documents like:

  • Passports (if going abroad, this is a must when you pack an essentials bag when moving)
  • Birth certificates
  • Social security cards

Also, make sure to not forget to pack any important moving-related documents like the contract with your moving company.

Wallet and keys are one of the things that should be considered when you pack an essentials bag when moving

The wallet and keys are the most misplaced items on a regular basis. It usually happens on a calm relaxed day. Now imagine the craziness of moving day. What are the chances of this happening? Very high! To avoid this, put these important things into the purse where you usually store them and put that into the essentials bag.

Put your keys and wallet on the list of important things when you pack essentials bag when moving
The keys and wallet are the easiest misplaced items


The essentials bag should contain the electronics that you use on a regular daily basis. You will obviously have to leave packing the TV to the packing services NH, but you should bring electronics that are easy to carry and that you need. Also, make sure to not forget to pack their chargers, otherwise, they will be useless if left without a battery.


The last thing that you want to do before going to bed after a tiring moving day is to look for your toothbrush. To avoid this, simply pack all the toiletries that you use on a regular basis.

Water and snacks should be considered when you pack an essentials bag when moving

You are not as efficient if you are hungry, that is why you should have a snack with you when you can’t sit down to have a proper meal. Good options in this case are protein bars and any other individual packed snack. You should avoid packing food that requires utensils to be eaten and that needs to be refrigerated.

Water bottle on a flat surface
Water and snack are very important during a difficult moving day

How to pack an essentials bag when moving – conclusion

A properly packed essentials bag when moving is something that will make the process less hectic. And who doesn’t want a stress-free move? You will be glad that you packed it. Once you have all of your belongings packed up, all the important things that you will need during the transition will be in that one place. We wish you good luck during this stressful time ahead of you.