How to pack an aquarium

Moving your aquatic friends can be a little bit tricky. There are aquarium parts that need to be detached from the tank. And aquariums are usually full of different decoration like gravel, rocks, or figurines. You will have to think about plants and how to transport them alive. And, before you pack an aquarium, you’ll have to think about transporting your fish. And fish are not that easy to transport. They can survive for a maximum of 48 hours in transportation, anything beyond and you are entering risky waters. Consequently, to move your fish and aquarium you will have to have a good plan to follow so you could be swift and finish the move in the shortest time possible. And that is where packing services NH can be of great help. They can pack your aquarium quickly and securely, while you are taking care of the fish.

Aquarium ready for packing
You need to prepare before you pack an aquarium

Prepare before you pack an aquarium

When you need to pack an aquarium for the move, you will need to have a good plan. You can just rush in suddenly and expect that everything will be fine. Packing an aquarium requires a few days of preparation. Therefore, you should think this through before you begin. And, you will need to prepare certain items and supplies before you start with anything.

Things you will need to prepare when you want to pack an aquarium

  • Aquarium fish net is necessary to have when you want to pack an aquarium. You need to get your fish out somehow and aquarium fishnets are your only solution.
  • Prepare several 5-gallon buckets in which you will transport your old water, fish, and plants.
  • To empty the water from the tank there are aquarium water-changer hoses you can buy to ease this process.
  • Traveler cooler
  • Small plastic bags for your fish
  • Plastic moving boxes
  • Packing duct tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Air bubble plastic sheets
  • Anti-slip paper sheets to prevent your slick aquarium to slide in the moving truck

Don’t move your fish if you don’t really have to

Moving live aquarium fish is not something that is very advisable. Fish are very sensitive creatures, especially aquarium fish. Moreover, the best and smartest thing to do is not to transport your fish at all. If you are aware of the danger that long travel brings, you should decide to give your fish to someone and get new ones when you settle down in your new home. If that is not an option for you, you should know that moving companies Maine could pack and move your aquarium and following equipment quickly but you will be responsible for transporting your fish safely.

Fish swimming in aquarium prepared for packing
Stop feeding your fish two days before you pack an aquarium

48-hour preparation is required when you want to pack an aquarium and move live fish

When you plan to pack and move aquarium fish, you will need to do some preparations in order to minimize the risk of stressing your fish too much by removing them from their usual environment. Your 48-hour preparation starts with the cancelation of feeding. Stop feeding your fish two days before the move to allow your filters to purify the water and collect as much as waste possible. Then you have to think about moving method that you will use to pack and transport your fish. And, that depends on the length of your move. If you are moving locally, your local movers NH can finish your move in a matter of hours. So transporting your fish is not going to be too risky. The problems start when you are moving your fish long-distance.

Pack an aquarium fish for short distance move

Moving your fish locally means you will be able to transport your fish in an hour or two. In this situation, you can use your aquarium fish net to catch your aquatic friends and put them in plastic bags. Just make sure that you fill your bags up to one third with water from the tank. If you think that your move could prolong a bit, visit your local pet store and ask them if they could add some oxygen to allow your fish to spend more time in a plastic bag without the risk of suffocating. Just be careful that you put the aggressive species in separate bags. Put your bags in a traveler cooler and stuff it with bubble sheets to give them extra protection.

Prepare your fish for a long-distance move

If you’re moving long-distance, moving your fish in a plastic bag is not the solution. Your fish can survive in a plastic bag only for a few hours. Any more than that and they will surely suffocate. When moving you fish for long distances you should transport them in 5-gallon buckets. Just make sure that the buckets are clean and that they were never used for keeping anything besides water. It would be best if you just buy new ones. So you don’t have to risk with your old buckets. Fill the bucket with the water from the tank and put your fish inside. Seal the lid with packing tape and make sure that you don’t tumble them too much. Remember that moving services NH usually do not include transportation of live pets. Nevertheless, you should ask anyway. They could maybe make an exception with fish packed this way.

Very small aquarium
Pack a small aquarium in a moving box

How to safely pack an aquarium

When all of your fish is out of the tank, you can start by preparing your aquarium for the move. First, you need to unplug all your aquarium equipment, heaters, filters, and lamps. Make sure that you wash them with warm water and dry them before packing them in a plastic box. After you unplug all electrical devices from the tank, it is safe to put your hands inside and remove plants. You can transport them in a bucket with the rest of your water. Then you can drain the water using a water-changer hose. After you drain your water, take your gravel and ornaments from the tank. Wash them in warm water and dry them before you put them into plastic bags.

How to pack an aquarium for the move

When you pack an aquarium for the move you need to make sure you protect it well. If your aquarium is not too big, you can put it in a moving box. Remove the lid and add protection foam sheets between the glass and the box on all sides, and fill all empty spaces with bubble plastic or wrapping paper. And make sure that you don’t put anything on top of it.

Large aquariums usually can’t fit in standard moving boxes. So you should make sure you give it enough protection from the outside to protect it from possible damage. You could tape foam sheet around it, and wrap it in bubble plastic or moving blankets. Fill the inside of the tank with blankets or pillows and watch where it is placed once inside the moving truck. Add anti-slip paper sheets under it to prevent it from sliding through the moving truck.