How to pack a nursery

When moving with a child there are a lot of things a parent needs to keep in mind. After all, as the responsible part of your family, it falls to you to organize the move. This thing comes even harder when moving with a small child. Therefore, it is advisable that you prepare yourself well. With that thought in mind, we decided to write a guide on how to pack a nursery. With it, we hope that we will make preparations for moving with a child easier.


The importance of good planning in a move cannot be stressed enough. In every kind of move, good planning is a key component that will make the whole affair go smoothly. This goes double for moving with a child! In these moves, parents have to keep in mind many different things. From how to prepare the child to how to pack a nursery, child’s items, and favorite toys. Industry professionals like movers Dover NH will usually tell you to leave 4 to 8 weeks prior to the move for preparations.

A planner with planning written on it
Planning will be important with every move, so it is at the forefront when you need to pack a nursery too.

Even if you can’t set aside that much time, there is no need for panic. Just, take a little time to make a firm moving plan, then, follow it through. This will do wonders for your moving stress. Prepare a moving checklist of all the items you will need to pack. While you’re at it you can even form a list of packing material you will need. Another thing you can do when forming a moving plan is to make a moving timeline. This will especially be important for parents moving with children, as they won’t be able to commit to the moving preparations all the time.


Another part of a successful move is its good organization. While it overlaps with planning in certain aspects, like when you are going to be packing for the move (during the day, on weekends, during the night, etc.), it is a category of its own. Basically, it boils down to deciding how to conduct your move. Will you hire professional help or will you load up the moving truck yourself? Will you do the packing or will you leave it to the relocation crew etc. A well-organized move will include research. This will help you plan to move as well as with any move particularities, like, checking if you are hiring a reliable moving company. After all, you wouldn’t want to carefully pack a nursery only to it be mishandled by unprofessional crews afterward.

Tips on how to pack a nursery

Now that we’ve talked about how to set up the move, it’s time for us to focus on tips on how to pack a nursery themselves.

What goes first

First thing you will need to think about when planning to pack a nursery is what to pack first. As a nursery contains many times used by your child daily, you will have to plan with that in mind. Start the packing with the items your child doesn’t need daily or use frequently. These will include toys, books, wall decoration, extra diapers, clothing for a different season etc. The other, more essential, items you can leave for packing last. Industry professionals like moving companies NH, might advise you to prepare a child essentials bag for the move. You can pack things that you will need during the move in it. This will include:

  • Diapers
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottles
  • A change of clothes
  • Favorite stuffed animals
  • Emergency medicine
  • Child cosmetics

As all of these are items your child might use daily, it would be best to leave them for packing last.

Children's clothes
Leave a spare change of clothes for your child to pack in an essentials bag.

How to de-clutter the nursery

One thing you could do to make packing a nursery easier is de-clutter. It is smart to de-clutter in any move. First of all, de-cluttering leaves you with fewer items to pack. This will mean less time spent on packing and less money spent on packing material. Another benefit of de-cluttering is that it leaves your new home with a fresh, tidy look. The same principle applies to packing a nursery. As your child grew, you may have gathered a lot of items that just don’t have a purpose anymore. Things like old, grown-out clothing, for example. These items, that your child won’t need anymore, can be sold or donated. Just make sure to keep a few items for a memory of your child’s early days.

When to pack a nursery

Another important question when you decide to pack a nursery will be when to pack it. Obviously, you would want to avoid doing so with your child in it. Not only can packing pick up a lot of dirt, but it can also get very noisy. Depending on your child’s age it would be best if your partner or a family member took care of them while you packed the nursery. Therefore it would be best if you packed it during the day. That way you will not interrupt your child’s sleep pattern, which will be very important, as kids take relocations harder.

How to pack the child’s bedding

Another thing to keep in mind when you pack a nursery is how to properly pack your child’s bedding. This will be especially important for the parent of very young children, that spend a lot of their time in the crib. With the crib being your child’s primary space, you really want to protect it during the move workers compensation attorney sacramento. Make sure you wrap all linen, pillows and the mattress in waterproof plastic. Then pack them up in sturdy boxes. For another layer of protection, you can wrap the boxes in waterproof plastic as well. Make sure you mark the boxes visibly, as the crib will be one of the first things you unpack in the new home.

A crib
When packing a nursery, pay special attention to packing the crib correctly.

How to pack a nursery like a pro

Reading through this article should have given you a pretty clear idea of how to pack a nursery . Of course, as every move is different so will you have to face unique circumstances when packing a nursery. With that being said, we feel confident that after this article, you are left well prepared.