How to organize your storage unit

Whether you are making a short or long-distance move, you will have to get ready and prepare in advance. Make sure to organize, make checklists and sort out your budget at least a few months before the move. However, you can use your move as an excuse to declutter and get rid of the items you don’t use and don’t need anymore. If you need professional help and assistance with the move, you should hire one of the long distance moving companies Massachusetts. A professional moving company also has storage units where you can store your items temporarily or for a long period of time. If you already have one and are wondering how to organize your storage unit, wonder no more! Today, you will find out how to organize your storage unit as best as you can! Let’s begin!

Tips to Organize Your Storage Unit

If you possess a lot of items that you don’t want to throw away but you can’t fit them in your new house, there is a solution! Storage! Therefore, you should call your professional mover and ask if they are offering storage units North Hampton NH services. Even if they don’t have storage solutions listed in their services, they will certainly recommend one of the good storage facilities that suit your needs. Now that you found a perfect storage unit for your belongings, let’s see how to organize your storage unit!

  • Label Every Box
  • Place Heavy Items On The Bottom
  • Store Your Items in Plastic Boxes And Containers
  • Make A List
  • Place Frequently Used Items Closer To The Entrance

 Properly Organize Your Storage Unit – Label Every Box

First of all, find good quality boxes for the items you want to store. If you have a lot of sensitive items, such as paintings, you should consider a climate-controlled storage unit. These kinds of items should be stored in the indoor storage unit for safety reasons. If you don’t have original boxes for your electronics, protect them with sheets, bubble wrap, and blankets and then put them in the moving box. You can also find free cardboard boxes in the stores and offices near you. Get white labels, glue them onto each box and with a black marker write what each box contain. Proper labeling will help you to locate the item you are searching for fast and you won’t spend a lot of time in the storage unit every time when you need something.

Labels, pencil and scissors
Label each box before you place them in the storage unit.

Place Heavy Items On the Bottom

This is one of the most important tips on how to organize your storage unit! If you have a lot of furniture and heavy items, they should definitely be placed on the bottom. To protect your lighter and delicate items from damage and breaks, place them on top of the heavy furniture. If you are stacking boxes in the storage unit, be sure to balance the weight in order to keep your furniture safe and prevent breaks.

Store Your Items in Plastic Boxes And Containers

If you are storing your furniture in the outdoor storage unit, you should consider packing everything in plastic rather than cardboard boxes. Plastic will protect your furniture from mold and mildew. Plastic will also prevent any kind of water damage while the cardboard box won’t. Applying moisture protectant on your furniture is also a good idea because it will keep the fabric of the furniture intact while it’s is in the storage. However, if you need a hand, hire a professional moving company and get their packing services. They will pack and relocate all of your items to the storage unit fast and safely.

Make A List to Organize Your Storage Unit

You should make a list of all the items that you want to store. Before you pack everything that you are planning to store, make a list. Also, while you are storing your items make another list of items so you can compare those two lists and check if you have packed everything and you didn’t forget something at home.

Person is making a list.
Make a list of items that you want to store and keep the list on the safe place.

Place Frequently Used Items Closer To The Entrance

In the end, separate items that you are planning to use often from those that you won’t be needing for a while. Items that you don’t need you should place at the back of the storage unit. However, items that you are planning to pick up from time to time or more frequently, should be placed in the front, close to the door of the storage unit, for easy access. Put your seasonal clothing at the visible and easy approachable place too. If you organize your storage unit properly, you will reduce your frustration significantly because all of your items will be very easy to find!

Professional Mover

Whether you are moving locally or making an interstate move, you can count on your professional mover! A professional moving company has polite and helpful customer service, so if you have any questions moving related, give them a call!  Preferred-Movers also have a license and well-trained workers. Their prestigious reputation shows you that they are taking care of each move effectively and making their customers happy and satisfied.

Meeting. handshake
A professional moving company provides a lot of moving services, aside from storage.

You should follow these steps in order to organize your storage unit properly. If you don’t know what type and size of the storage unit you will need, you should ask your professional mover for advice. Hopefully, this article was helpful and you will organize your storage unit fast and easy! Have a good life! All the best!