How to organize a warehouse relocation

Although you can say that every move is the same in terms of planning, packing and finding movers, a warehouse relocation differs. It does encompass all the mentioned tasks, but it also further magnifies them. To be more specific, you are dealing with a rather big space that you need to move in its entirety. The sheer complexity of this venture is the reason why you ought to carefully and attentively organize a warehouse relocation. Do not let this fact scare you. With this guide, you will have a successful relocation guaranteed.

Start with choosing a good site

We will go on a limb here and assume that you are moving your warehouse with the goal of finding a new place that is more advantageous for your needs. So, it is only logical that finding a good site should be the first step of this whole process. Now, there are two features of the new place you need to think about:

1. The size

Take this opportunity to find the size of the warehouse that will suit your current needs, as well as have room for any potential further advancements. So, if you found your previous warehouse to be too spacious for your belongings, do not hesitate about going for a smaller place. After all, there is no need to overpay this service if you don’t need it.

A spacious warehouse
This is no time to be frugal if you are in need of additional space.

However, in most cases, it’s the need for extra space that makes people look for a new warehouse. Do not be frugal if this is the case. You have seen what the lack of space looks like, and there is no need to go through that again. Especially considering that a bigger space means more potential for your current and future needs. Yes, it will cost more money, but it will pay off down the line. Just imagine going through all the trouble to organize a warehouse relocation, and carry it through, just to realize you don`t have enough space for all of your inventory. Not good.

2. The location

As for the location, you ought to be mindful of your employees when making this decision. You want the new location to have enough employees within a reasonable commuting time. This is, of course, if you don’t want to be the only one working in your warehouse. And, since long-distance movers in Maine tend to cost more than the local movers, it is wise to find a facility that is near.

Organize a warehouse relocation by including the moving company

Every relocation is easier with experienced, professional and reliable movers Manchester NH by your side. And warehouse relocation is no exception. You need to find movers that can help you go through this hectic time, and make it smooth and simple. Finding quality movers is easy these days. With the help of the Internet, you can check the credibility of any given company. From customers’ testimonials, a carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Better Business Bureau, you will find it easy to scope out movers you can feel comfortable with.

There is no organization without a schedule, and that brings us to the next important thing in this process: scheduling your move on time. Since moving a warehouse takes a lot of planning, starting on time is crucial. As reliable and quality moving companies are also quite popular, they tend to get overbooked. For this reason, you want to avoid losing a helping hand just because you didn’t act on time.

A calendar with a marked date
Apart from working with quality movers, being quick and choosing a good date can save you some money as well.

To organize a warehouse relocation, you have to organize the inventory as well

In case you are not familiar with the way a company gives the final price of your move, we will give you the input. The cost of your relocation depends on the weight of the cargo you need to transport. Further meaning, the more things you decide to relocate, the bigger the check will be. This is why it is paramount that you organize your inventory before the moving day. Now, we will be honest, this is not a quick process. You will have to go through every single thing in your warehouse. However, spending time dealing with this classification will save you a lot of money and energy during the relocation itself.

Getting rid of the redundancies

When going through the process of organizing your warehouse, you will most certainly come across certain items you no longer have use of. Getting rid of these outdated and redundant items will be a real money saver. Besides, you don’t want your old inventory dragging you and your relocation down. So, be smart, decisive and honest when making your selection.

Have your employees help organize a warehouse relocation

This is a hectic period and you can use all the help you can get. Just as the people closest to you would help with the residential move, so are your employees the people you should turn to now. So, in order to properly organize a warehouse relocation, you should sit down with your staff, and go through the plan of action. Keep in mind that they can help before, during and after your relocation. So, when having a meeting, make sure to go through the following points:

  • assign people who will help with organizing the inventory of the warehouse
  • make a team that will be in charge of preparing the new moving site
  • ask if there are any volunteers who can help with the packing process
A team of people coming up with a plan
Organize a warehouse relocation with the help of your team, and save yourself a lot of energy and nerves.

In order to organize a warehouse relocation so that it is swift, smooth and efficient, everyone needs to know their task and be aware of the timeline. Once you have that covered, the biggest part is virtually taken care of.