How to organize a last-minute move?

Moving on short notice can be very exhausting and stressful, but we are here to help you out with our tips and tricks to handle a last-minute move with ease. It is easy to move and pack when you have enough time. But, what to do when the time is not on your side? Because you do not have time, let’s start immediately with preparing and organizing.

Simple tips for organizing a last-minute move

Do not waste your time. Be quick and fast. That is the first tip you should follow. So, right after reading this text you should start.

Be logical and calm down

Each task you must do before moving can be hard and exhausting. So, you have to be relaxed if you want to organize your last-minute move. Many people are feeling paralyzed and they have no idea what to be because of the stress. Do not let moving tasks overwhelm you. Be realistic and logical because you will not have enough time. Probably the best tip is to create a checklist. Maybe it sounds like a waste of time, but it is really helpful. First, sit down and write all the things you must do before and after moving day. That is how you will not forget anything and you will feel relaxed.

Hire a last-minute mover or rent a truck

Hiring a moving company is probably the best help you can have when moving, especially when you do not have enough time. It is a big advantage which is not too expensive. Not just they can transport your boxes, they can help you pack them too. Pick a moving day, and book your move. Usually, last-minute offers are cheaper, so you will save a little bit more. On the other hand, you can rent a moving truck or a van if you know how to drive it. It will be a little bit more job for you, but if you feel that it is the better option for you and your family, then rent it. It is not recommended for long-distance moving.

Driving on a highway.
Movers can transport all your furniture safely to your final destination.

Be free to ask for help

Ask your friends and family members for help. You will need extra help, for sure. For example, if you have young kids, someone needs to watch them while you are packing or running around the city to finish your pre-moving obligations. Any help is welcome now and necessary, of course. If your kids are old enough to pack their own rooms, let them do it. If your friends or family cannot help you, hire professional help.

Hire professional cleaners

Your new house will be done faster if you hire professional cleaners. Also, you should clean your current home too. Because you do not have time for all those jobs, you should hire cleaners and there is no problem anymore. They will save you time and energy too.

Cleaning service.
You should clean both homes, a new one and the old one. That is a lot of work, that requires time.

Packing in a last-minute

Packing all your boxes on a short notice sounds impossible. A last-minute move is already very difficult and packing is just another task you must do. Do not think too much, PACK!

Get rid of unnecessary items

Before you start packing, go through each room in your home and decide what to take and what to toss. You do not have time to organize a garage sale, so donate your items to someone or to some organization or throw them away. It will take too much time to pack all your items, and time is the only thing you do not have at this moment. For example, if you did not wear that jacket for a year, toss it, do not pack it.

Pack an essential box

An essential box is a box where you should pack items you will need during the move and a few days after the move. Essential boxes are different from person to person. It can be useful a lot, but many people forget to pack it, especially when they do not have time for packing. So, do not make the same mistake and have your special essential box with you on a moving day. Usually, people pack:

  • Personal hygiene supplies such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • Clean bed sheets and towels. Even if it is a last-minute move, you should think about the first night in your new home.
  • Food and water for a couple of days. Pack non-perishable food. Or, if you have kids, prepare their meals before moving day. Also, pack toys for them.
  • Batteries, chargers, etc.
  • If you are moving with a pet, pack their food too.
  • Basic dishes where you will eat or prepare your food. Also, pack spoons, knives, etc.
  • Medication, especially if you have therapy and first aid kit because minor injuries are common when moving.

Professional Packers

If you have different obligations besides packing (probably you do), then the best solution is to hire professional packers. When people are moving on short notice, they do not have enough packing boxes and packing supplies. But, packers do. That is another advantage of using professional packers if you hire full moving service.

Professional packing service.
There is always a solution if you do not know how to pack your items properly or you do not have time for that. Professional packers can do it.

Now when you have all the right tips for a last-minute move, you can start organizing it. Moving is a new part of life, no matter if it is planned or not. Even when people have a whole year to plan a move, they forget something. So, do not freak out and relax. Start with organizing as soon as possible, even immediately if you are able and good luck.