How to Move Jewelry Safely

During a move, some of your most precious items may be the smallest. Jewelry is a great example.  So how do you move without losing your family heirlooms or the expensive gift that your best friend gave you?

The best way to ensure that you won’t lose jewelry is to move it yourself! Invest in a sturdy jewelry box and keep all your precious items in one place.  It is easier to keep packing necklacestrack of one box then several smaller boxes. Bubble wrap the box and put it in your own vehicle during the move, check ksatriyasangam.

For semi-precious jewelry or pieces that are replaceable or not as valuable, it is safe to pack them up in the moving truck. Be sure each item is packed neatly with bubble wrap and mark the box clearly with its contents. If you want a way to store them without clearly marking the box as jewelry, you can put them in a fisherman’s tackle box. This is a stealthy way to move your jewelry without bringing too much attention to the box. A tackle box is perfect because it has a lot of small compartments to keep the jewelry separated.  A cool trick to keep your necklaces untangled is to put them through straws.