How to move fragile plants

Moving your home to a new place can be pretty hard if you need to relocate sensitive, breakable and fragile items. It doesn’t matter if it’s art, plants, or something else, you will have to learn how to handle that part of your move in the best possible way. So, if you decided to move fragile plants, you should know that professional movers such as Preferred Movers NH can be the best possible choice for you and your family. So, once you learn how to prepare, pack and relocate your fragile plants to your new home, you will have nothing to worry about. Taking care of plants is never hard. You just have to make sure that you know where to start and how to handle this part of your move in an efficient and effective way. With our advice, you will do it without issues!

First things first, is this a good idea?

One thing that you have to understand before going into this is that not all plants can come with you. Depending on where you are moving to and how long will your relocation last, plants might be exposed to cold or too hot weather, and they might not survive the trip. There are many other problems that might damage your plants, and even kill them at the end of the journey. If your movers Atkinson NH transport the plants in the moving truck, your plants might lack the needed sunlight and they might get really damaged as a result.

Some plants are too sensitive to move

If they need to be watered regularly, but the journey is going to last longer, this is a red flag as well. So, in these cases, if possible, leave your plants behind. Give them to your friends and family members. You might even consider selling them, to make sure that someone who loves plants will get them. Once you do it, you might miss your plants, but at least they will be just fine in their new home, and you can get new plants in your new place.

Sometimes, movers won’t move them

There are some moving companies that won’t relocate your plants for you. It’s simply too risky. They might be held accountable if something happens to your beloved plants. And that is why it’s possible that they will simply refuse to relocate them. They will also usually refuse to relocate pets, dangerous items, perishables, and similar things. So, you should make sure that you contact your movers Pelham NH, and check if they will relocate your plants in the first place. You can always opt for moving them by yourself in your car as well. But, this will take some time and energy, so prepare well. Only if you do everything needed for preparing the plants, you can be sure that they will be fine in your new home.

How do you prepare to move fragile plants?

Preparing fragile plants for relocation is not complicated. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right pots for the plants. They should not be made of glass, ceramic, or other easily breakable materials. Plastic pots are a great choice, for example. They are resistant to heat, water, cold, and even to force up to some level. So, this can be a perfect choice. For each plant that you want to relocate, you should have one pot. This way, even if you have a bit of a longer move ahead, your long-distance movers won’t damage the plants. This should be a great first step.

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Only if you prepare the plants, you can move them without damage

Water the plants

Once you are ready, water the plants the night before the move. If the plant rarely needs to be watered, make sure you don’t water it up until this night. Once they are watered, the soil will be moist enough that in the morning, you can move the plant from it to the pot. This way, you won’t damage the roots.

Once you water them, protect them for the move

Your plans need to be protected during the move. If the branches are strong and woody, you can simply make sure that the plant is safe by placing it inside a box. Make she’d if the plant is high, using cardboard as well. If the branches are not a string, you might have to wrap the plant inside of the stretch foil. Then protect it with cardboard. You will surely make a great choice since you know your plant the best.

Move the plants with care

Now that you need to move fragile plants to your new home, mind how you place them in the truck or in your car. You have to make sure that you wif a great place for them. They should not be able to move around or fall over. Plants could really get damaged this way. You also need to make sure that there is nothing that could fall over your plants while relocating them. This way, they will be just fine.

Just be careful and everything will be just fine

Make sure that there is no draft since draft can really damage many plants. Once you get to your new home, unpack the plants. Leave them in one place for at least a couple of days, or longer if possible. This way, you can be sure that they will be accustomed, and they will be just fine. Moving fragile plants is not going to be too hard for you if you know what to do and where to start. So, just follow our instructions and you will do a great job. Your beloved plants will be relocated without issues and in no time this way. You will move fragile plants in no time.