How to move fragile items to another state?

Moving to another state is a great undertaking. One of the main things one needs to be attentive about is packing their belongings in a way that ensures safety during transport. Now, if you have movers York Maine helping you out, there will be nothing to worry about. However, if you are handling this task on your own, you will have a lot to be mindful of. Especially when you move fragile items to another state. So, let’s see what are the important steps you should take.

Keep in mind that sometimes all it takes is as little as a bit of careless packing, a few missed safety tips, a powerful shot of confidence, or simply a deceitful sense of it-will-never-happen-to-me attitude to turn your unpacking process into an unfortunate event. So, in order to avoid having a headache upon moving to your new home, you should deal with the fact that packing fragile items when moving is not to be underestimated.

Colorful glass bottles
Moving your fragile belongings to another state may be harder than you initially expected.

How to move fragile items to another state?

Knowing how to pack and move fragile items to another state is a great advantage. However, knowing that you perhaps do not need to move all of them is also a valuable lesson. So, take a good look at your glassware, chinaware, delicate furniture pieces, electronic equipment, artwork, mirrors, lamps, musical instruments and so on, and ask yourself do you really need all of them.

Make a list of all the items you have. Separate your fragile items, and decide what stays and what goes. If you are having trouble differentiating redundancies from useful items, use this simple rule: anything that hasn’t been used in over a year is a surplus. Now, one does not get much use of pictures, let’s say. Well, for those sorts of items, ask yourself if you really like them. While some may be precious memories, others are probably just occupying space and collecting dust.

Find proper packing materials to move fragile items to another state

The subheading of this paragraph bares this size not by accident. It is rather important that you acquire proper packing materials in order to ensure the safety of your fragile possessions. You can view it as a prerequisite for a successful move. The materials you need to get are:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes.  While you can circumvent spending money on these truly important goods, you will have to be careful when making your selection. The second-hand boxes you get need to be in excellent condition. That means strong, dry and clean. Try your local liquor store, as they themselves are transporting fragile items on a weekly basis.
  • Packing paper. Large amounts of clean and soft packing paper will be most necessary.
  • Sheets of bubble paper. The bubble-filled plastic material is vital for keeping your breakables safe. Make sure to get a few rolls, depending on the number of the items you are moving, and don’t look back.
  • Packing tape. The highest-quality packing tape is recommendable. However, fear not about the price, as you won’t need much. Just enough to pack these special items. For all the rest, use the usual ducktape.

Prepare the moving boxes

You can have the best boxes in the world, but if you don’t prepare them adequately, it won’t make much of a difference.

The way you prepare your boxes is just as important as their quality.

Having said that, the preparation steps you ought to take include:

  1. inspecting the boxes for structural damage. This includes signs of water damage.
  2. taping the bottom and the sides of each box. This serves as additional insurance against possible breakage.
  3. placing crumpled paper (newspapers are okay as well) on the bottom of each container. As vibrations and accidental hits are simply unavoidable, you need to provide a shock-absorbent layer, and thus minimize the potential damage.

Wrap the fragile items

To pack and to move fragile items to another state is to follow major safety rules accepted and adopted in the moving industry. This means that the same rules movers Newburyport MA should be applied in your case. So, when wrapping your breakable goods, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Set up a large enough packing station that has a flat, clean and stable surface. Kitchen tables are usually your best bet, as they are safe enough for this task.
  • Use small to mid-sized boxes when packing your fragile items. Make sure not to make the containers too heavy to lift and carry.
  • Start with soft paper, and then apply bubble sheets on top to provide the best possible protection to your goods.
  • Do not wrap your fragile items with newspapers. It will expose them to the risk of ink stains.
  • Always stack wrapped-up plates sideways.
  • Be sure to secure the stems of your stemware with bubble wrap first, and then wrap the glasses with packing paper.

Pad the filled boxes

Once you have packed your boxes with care and due attention, it is time to make sure that your already wrapped goods won’t move during transportation. To achieve that level of immobility, place wads of paper, old pieces of clothing, towels or leftover bubble sheets in places that need filling up. You want to ensure there is no remaining space or void inside the box, and thus avoid accidental movement.

Do not skip labeling

Proper labeling is crucial for the safety of your goods. Especially if you have movers or your friends helping you out. They will know to handle the box in question with extra care and safety. Even if you are the one taking care of your relocation in its entirety, it would be crazy to expect you are going to remember which boxes contain your fragile belongings.

A box with the word 'fragile' written on it
If you want to move fragile items to another state, and ensure their safety during the process, make sure to adequately label them.

Move fragile items to another state with care

Unless professional movers and packers are taking care of this job, you will need to be super careful when handling the boxes with your breakables. Do not be hasty when carrying them to the moving van, and make sure to put them on a place that will ensure minimal movement. It goes without saying that you should not place any other box or object on top of those packages. Lastly, when you move fragile items to another state, you want to drive carefully if you are moving on your own. Good luck and happy travels!