How to move expensive art to your new home

Every move is scary and difficult. You leave your old home behind to start a new life somewhere else. It gets even scarier when your belongings are fragile and require special attention when moved. That’s when you need to call one of the movers in NH to help you make it easier. One of those special items is precious artwork and family photos with sentimental value. Artwork tends to be large and difficult to handle, and the glass and frame that are supposed to protect it can end up damaging it. But if you pack it carefully and properly, you won’t have shattered glass and a shattered heart after the relocation is done. This guide will show you how to move expensive art to your new home without any problems.

Animal portraits on a nursery wall
Artwork is expensive and often has sentimental value

Gather the right equipment

When we say equipment, we mostly mean packing materials. Or you can just hire one of the packing services NH and they will provide the tools and do the job for one affordable price. But if you want to move expensive art to your new home by yourself, you will need:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Masking tape
  • Boxes of different sizes
  • Markers

Make sure that the size of the boxes matches the size of the artwork

Sort your artwork by size. Smaller pieces can be packed into the same box. Large artwork should be packed separately in a slightly larger box. If you want to be extra safe, you can purchase specialty boxes. Special boxes combined with the skills the movers Atkinson NH will ensure a safe trip for your precious belongings.

Make an X on the glass when you move expensive art to your new home

If the frame has glass over it, make an X with tape over it. This way it will keep the glass together even if it breaks. Doing this will prevent damage to other pieces if one breaks when moving with some of the long distance movers NH. If there is no glass covering, protect the painted part by wrapping it in plastic or pallet wrap.

Use sufficient paper and bubble wrap

Wrap the pieces in packing paper that is twice the size of the artwork itself. Do it just like you would with a present. Once you do that, repeat the process with bubble wrap. Cardboard corner protectors can be used for additional protection.

Woman cutting bubble wrap
Make sure to wrap the pieces in both packing paper and bubble wrap

Check for movement and seal the boxes

Before sealing a box, test it for movement by wiggling it to see if anything shifts. You can add crumbled newspaper if anything feels like it’s moving. Once you have ruled out this, it’s time to close the boxes. Seal it tightly with tape and don’t forget to label it. Use words like artwork and fragile on all sides of the boxes to ensure your helpers know what’s inside.

How to move expensive art to your new home – conclusion

When done properly, you can move expensive art to your new home like a professional. There will be no damage to your precious possessions and you will be happy that you read this guide. We wish you a successful relocation and happy packing!