How to maximize storage space utilization

No matter how big or small your storage unit is, organizing your space is an absolute must. With a well-organized unit, you reduce the risk of injury, create more space, and you can locate your items easily. This is why you need to maximize storage space utilization and make life simpler for yourself. If you’re using storage North Hampton NH, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you a few useful tips and tricks made for making the most of your unit. With them, you’ll save space, time, and strength. So, let’s see what you can do to sort out your storage.

Create a detailed list of your stored items

In most cases, people who have storage units only visit them once or twice a year. Consequently, people tend to forget what they have stored after not doing a checkup for a long time. Once you do come around your storage to get something you need, you might have a hard time remembering if it is actually there or not. You might wonder if you donated what you’re looking for, threw it away, or maybe even never stored it in the first place. To save yourself the trouble, make an ultimate list of everything you have stashed away in your unit. This is a failsafe way to always know where everything is, and what you’ve done with it. So, when the time comes to fetch an item from the storage unit, consult your list to see if it is still a part of the inventory.

person trying to maximize storage space utilization
With a bit of planning, you can have an excellent storage unit

In addition to this, you surely have items which you use more frequently than others. We have another related tip that also might help you when moving with the help of movers Londonderry NH. Some items will be more often used and checked upon compared to others. Frequently used items should be put at the very front of the unit for easy access. Label these items on your content list as a high priority to keep good track of them. Leave them in a clearly visible space so you don’t have to waste time digging through boxes for them. All other less frequently used items, such as season clothes or Christmas lights can go to the very back of the storage.

Be mindful of how you stack and label your boxes

If you want to maximize storage space utilization, you need to be careful about how you load everything into the unit. The most important thing is how you approach stacking your previously packed boxes. With good box organization, you won’t need a larger unit, which helps reduce storage expenses. If you pack without order, you not only risk losing valuable storage space but also damaging your items and even injuring yourself. When it comes to stacking boxes, the weight rule has priority. Place the heaviest boxes you have at the very bottom of the stack, and use them as a sturdy foundation. After this, start placing lighter boxes on top of them. This will create a stable stack of boxes that has a minimal chance of falling over, damaging your items. In addition, the weight is evenly distributed, which helps avoid heavier boxes crushing lighter ones below.

cardboard boxes stacked in a storage space
Be careful how you stack your boxes

Even though you’ve achieved a good box organization, you might still struggle if you don’t know what’s inside of them. Adding labels to your boxes greatly helps combat this issue. Without clear and detailed labels, going to your storage to pick something up can easily turn into an exhausting treasure hunt. Before you close and stack each box, write down the contents and add an appropriate label to it. Be creative with your labels and note down as much information about each box as possible. You can use anything from simple sticky notes to a digital label maker for this task. By labeling each of your boxes, you’ll easily find whatever you’re looking for, in record time!

Make the unit more accessible with a good floor plan

To effectively use and maintain your storage unit, you need to be able to move through it unobstructed. There is no better way to maximize storage space utilization than by creating at least one aisle in your unit. Even though this move will cost you a bit of usable storage space, it will be a well worth tradeoff. Aisles allow you to access all of your boxes with relative ease. Furthermore, it helps keep your unit clean and tidy. Depending on the size of the unit you rent from movers NH, you can create one or more rows to move in. For a larger warehouse, it is best to stack your boxes along the walls, and then make one row of items in the middle of the unit. This creates two isles through which you can easily navigate. You will avoid having to battle through a wall of boxes to find what you’re looking for.

items on a storage shelf
Making aisles in your unit helps with ease of access

Another great way to maximize storage space utilization and organize everything is to create a map. It may sound silly, but mapping out your unit can be incredibly helpful. When placing items in your unit, try to keep them together based on their type and use. For example, you can stack all of your garage and yard tools in one corner, while placing your seasonal clothes and beachwear in the other. Once you’re done, create a top-down drawing of your storage and note down where each group of items is. Divide the map into four or more sections and write the rough contents of each. This is especially useful when using long-term storage solutions. Creating this simple map will only take a few minutes, but in turn, it will save you hours of searching.