How to make extra money from relocation

Everyone knows relocation is expensive. So it’s no wonder we all try to save money wherever we can. Whether it’s by negotiating a better price with your movers or looking for free moving boxes, you’ve probably tried the same thing. But what if we told you there are ways to not just save money when moving but also make extra money from relocation? Yes, you read that right! Even after hiring movers in New Hampshire, buying a new home, renting storage, and everything else you need to do for the move, you can still be in the black after a relocation. Granted, it will take some work and it might not be a lot of money. But it’ll still help! And considering that moving can set you back thousands of dollars, every little bit matters.

Make extra money from relocation by getting a good deal on your home

Your home is probably the most valuable possession you have. And when you’re moving, you have to sell it. This is your best opportunity to earn some money. Some of it might go to buying your new home or covering the costs of movers Concord NH. And in order to really earn money, you need to sell for a higher price than you yourself originally paid. But a good enough sale can achieve all that.

A house for sale.
Selling your house is your best bet for earning money from relocation.

Hire a good agent

When buying and selling real estate, you have two options: you can go through an agent or you can do it yourself. Hiring an agent will, of course, cost money. But it will be easier for you and could lead to a better sale. So choosing to work with a real estate agent can be a smart move. If you do this, however, make sure the agent is worth your money:

  • go for a local agent with experience
  • choose someone aggressive and passionate who will get a good sale quickly
  • negotiate their fees – they may agree to a flat rate instead of a commission

…or hire no agent at all if you want to make extra money from relocation

Of course, even the most reasonably priced real estate agent is still an expense. So if you really want to save some money, you might want to consider selling your home without going through an agent at all. It is now possible for people to list their own properties online and sell without the help of brokers. Simply check out the prices of similar homes in the area and base yours on that. You can negotiate with buyers or their agents yourself and even if you end up paying the buyers’ agent’s fees, it’ll still cost you less than hiring an agent of your own. However, this will be more work and you should be aware that you might not be able to get as good of a deal as an experienced professional agent would.

Stage the home for a better price

One of the ways to up the price of your home is to stage it. Fix up all the little imperfections you can like stained walls or cracked floorboards, put some of your more personal belongings in storage NH, and clean thoroughly. By ensuring that your home looks as good and inviting as possible, you can significantly raise the selling price of it.

Staged living room.
Staged homes sell for higher prices.

Make extra money from relocation by selling some of your belongings

Of course, your home is not the only thing you can or should sell when moving. In fact, moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter and get rid of tons of things you no longer use. Why not make some cash doing it?

Selling furniture and old appliances

After your home, your furniture and large appliances are the most valuable things you can sell. You can replace them with newer and better versions in your new home so it’s really a win-win situation! And if you have some special and valuable items (like antiques, art, a pool table or a piano), selling those can singularly contribute to your moving budget. Plus, you’ll be saving by not needing to pay for special services like piano movers which can be quite pricey.

Organizing online and garage sales

There’s a market for just about anything these days. So if you have some belongings you no longer need (even just clothing or dishes), you should try selling them for a bit of extra cash. Your best bet is to organize a garage sale or list your items online on a reselling website or your social media.

Woman trying to make extra money from relocation online.
You can easily sell your belongings online.

Donating for a tax deduction

If you don’t need extra money urgently, there’s a way to both earn a bit and help those in need. You can donate to a charity and then claim the deduction on your taxes later. Of course, in order for this to make a significant difference, you’d have to donate quite a bit. And there are also limits to which donations are tax-deductible. But it can be a good way to do something nice for others and yourself both.

Make extra money from relocation by reducing your expenses

Making extra money from relocation is not just about the money you earn; it’s also about the money you spend. All the neat tricks are not going to matter much if you just end up spending your earnings on relocation costs anyway. So a portion of your energy should go towards reducing your expenses as well.

To DIY or not to DIY?

People typically think that DIY relocation is the cheaper option. This is not necessarily the case. While moving yourself can be a good idea when you’re relocating locally, hiring movers can pay off in some cases. In many ways, a moving company saves you money: you don’t have to rent a moving truck, you don’t have to worry about packing, you’re less likely to end up needing to replace damaged or missing items, and you have more time to find ways to save or make money elsewhere. But whether this is enough to make hiring professionals the better option for you depends on the situation. So get a few moving estimates and calculate the costs of a DIY move; then, compare the two to find out what pays off more for you.

Cheap and free moving supplies

If you want to make extra money from relocation, then you shouldn’t be spending it all on things like moving boxes and tape. Luckily, moving supplies are easy to find at cheap prices or even for free. You probably have some things you can use in your home already. Old boxes and crates, laundry baskets, drawers, suitcases and other bags – these all serve as good alternatives to moving boxes. You can use old sheets, blankets or clothing as cushioning material. Tape, string, and rope that you already own can be used to secure things in place. Your friends and family might be able to contribute to your collection. Finally, many stores and offices are willing to give out boxes for free.