How to make an inventory of household items when moving

It is hard to remember all the items you have when you are moving from one home to another. And without knowing what items you moved to your new home, it could be impossible to check did you forget anything. For these reasons, people make inventory lists. Having an inventory list means you have an itemized record you can reference when unpacking your moving boxes. This makes your unpacking organized. Also, according to our movers Goffstown NH this list helps you to pack and sort your items for the move. It reminds you what items you have and should not forget to pack and bring. If you never did make an inventory of household items when moving, now you could learn how to do that. This will become your recipe for a successful move from now on. So, let’s see where to start when making an inventory list.

Many reasons to make an inventory of household items when moving

Moving to another home always makes you happy and excited. But when you realize you will need to pack the entire household, and excitement turns into anxiety. The packing process is one of the crucial reasons why people hire our movers Bedford NH. And if you ask them what is the secret of successful packing they will tell you it is an inventory list. If you watch your movers while performing your move, you will notice they stick to some sort of list.

A woman wants to make an inventory of household items when moving
There are many reasons why you should make an inventory of household items when moving.

Making this list is equal to planning an organized move where you will avoid mistakes. Also, if you have and insurance, it will be hard to get reimbursement for your belongings if you don’t have proof of their condition beforehand. Besides, when you get to your new home and want to check if everything is delivered, you will need your inventory list. For all these reasons, you should learn how to make the one for your move. Luckily, our Preferred Movers NH will show you ways to make an inventory list that will simplify your move. Whether you need to move just a few blocks away or across the state, you will take time to make your inventory.

Inventory each room of your house separately

One of the first things you should remember when you want to make an inventory of household items when relocation is to forget about the rush. Instead of jumping around from the bedroom to the living room trying to write down items without any order, opt for a better plan. Just like any other thing that will help you stay organized when moving with the help of our long distance movers New Hampshire, the inventory list is all about the right order of things to be done. So, you should start from the bottom of your home (basement) or the top (attic) and record everything within the room you are in. Remember, do not use one piece of paper for the entire house, use a sheet of paper per room instead. Not sure where to start and which items you shod record first?

A woman writing in a notebook
It is important to go step by step.

From large to small items

Even if you did make some inventories before without any preparations, you probably were started with large items. One of the most common steps in making an inventory of your house is to focus on major items in the room. If there is any furniture or appliances in the room you are in, write down them first. Then you should go to the smaller items such as tables, decorations, lamps. One of the things you shod not forget before you leave the current room is to take a look at hidden drawers and shelves. If you remember them later, you will need extra time to inventory and pack them. Additionally, we want to remind you to not skip anything, so take time to double-check.

If any of your rooms contain valuables, you may not want to leave them there. Our experts for moving services NH recommend you to keep those valuable items with you instead. This will help you feel more comfortable when it comes to the items that mean you a lot. Write down valuables as a special part of your inventory list and choose the way you will carry them to your new home.

Document some important details about your belongings

This is one one the main steps in case you need to contact the insurance company in New Hampshire after the move. In case of some accidents, you will need some proof of the condition of your items before the move. For that reason you should write down:

  • The current condition of your belongings;
  • Market value;
  • Make, model, serial number;
  • Do you still have warranty paperwork or receipt;
  • What room the item is being moved from;
  • What room in the new home you would like to be placed in.

One of the fastest ways to record the condition of your items is to take photos of them. So, take time and take a video or photos of your inventory. This is especially important if you want to have proof for an insurance company in case of accidents.

A person using the camera
Take some time to take photos or videos of your inventory.

Enjoy after making an inventory of household items when moving

As we already mention, there are so many benefits of having an inventory while moving from one home to another. Firstly, this will help you cover replacement costs of damaged or lost property. Secondly, if you take time to make an inventory of household items when moving, your move will become organized and simple. Having an inventory will enable your to plan how much time you will need to pack your items. Also, it will help you realize what packing materials your will need to provide. And inventory will significantly help you get through your moving day. Once you get to your new home, unpacking will be a piece of cake in inventory in your hands.