How to keep your storage unit clean and tidy

Having a clean storage unit is truly a blessing. You are able to simply take whatever you need from it and not worry about having to clean it before use. But in order to be able to do so, you first need to keep your storage unit clean in the first place. This does require some effort, though, and it is better always to rent out a pristine unit as opposed to one that you need to clean first. Every great moving company, such as Preferred Movers NH, will have a range of spotless units for you to choose from. It will be up to you to maintain the same level of cleanliness, though. But if you read this article, and follow the guidelines within, you are going to have no trouble at all!

Keep your storage unit clean – how to do it?

Here is how you are going to keep your unit clean and tidy:

  • Clean all items before storing them
  • Invest in high-quality boxes and containers
  • Use paddings to cover larger items
  • Label all boxes and make a storage inventory list
Everything starts with cleaning your belongings.

Clean all items before storing them

To start with, you will want to thoroughly clean every item that you plan on storing. You are going to need some cleaning supplies for this task, depending on the number and the type of your items. You will also want to have some chemicals for cleaning your storage unit annually. Talk to your local movers NH about the storage unit and the materials within before you purchase anything, though. They might have some good recommendations or will be able to provide cleaning themselves. Many storage units have their own cleaning services, after all, which you can utilize if you don’t feel like doing any work.

Invest in high-quality boxes and containers

A great way to keep your storage unit clean is not to allow any dirt to even touch your belongings. Therefore, investing in high-quality containers is always a good idea. Having your items in such containers will reduce the amount of work you will need to put in. It is easier to clean storage units if you don’t need to open the boxes and clean their contents every single time. It may cost you a bit more at first, but the time (and effort) saved over the years will more than pay for it.

Use paddings to cover larger items to keep your storage unit clean

Large items can collect an inordinate amount of dust over time. This will make them really difficult to clean if you don’t prepare them properly for their stay. Cover any such item with nylon sheets or similar materials. You can find such padding at the same place where you bought boxes and packing supplies. Your moving company can also provide you with some, as well. Having all the large items covered will significantly reduce the work required to maintain the cleanliness of your unit.

Always pad larger items, they will be safer and easier to clean.

Label all boxes and make a storage inventory list

We would also like to give you two more tips to enhance your storage experience. By labeling all the boxes, you will reduce both the effort and dust scatter by making your searches a lot more efficient. Combine it with a well-made inventory list and you’re golden. An inventory list is all sorts of handy to have and it will serve you in years to come if you update it regularly. It will also serve as proof, in case you need it.