How to hold a moving sale in Maine

Your move is coming up and you are slowly saying goodbye to Main. You’ve finished de-cluttering your home and put aside some items to sell. By doing this you will earn some money, and your moving luggage will be much lighter and therefore more convenient to pack with the help of movers York ME. If you’re wondering how to hold a moving sale in Maine, follow these tips to organize a successful sale and put a few extra dollars in your moving budget.

Set a date for the moving sale

There are many hot dates when organizing a move. Think strategically and practically before scheduling a date. Saturday is a good choice, if possible, with no events in the area that could interfere with sales. This way you will have more potential buyers!

a woman arranges a stand for sale
Knowing how to hold a moving sale in Maine is key if you want to successfully sell your items

Where and how to hold a moving sale in Maine

Once you have taken an inventory of your belongings and hired the reliable Preferred Movers NH company, you can proceed to arrange your moving sale.

The sales location should have easy access and ample parking. The moving sale location can be a garage, basement, or yard. You will likely need a permit as well, as major cities in Maine have their own permitting process for these types of events. Permits are very affordable, ranging from $3 to $15.

Ask your friends to help you

Moving can be time-consuming and stressful, which is why professional help is always welcome. Moving companies Maine will provide you with reliable and efficient moving services, and you will have a little more time for other things.

In order to complete the moving sale for you and your clients, the best help is always from friends. In the dark, you’re not always objective, especially when you’re in the whirlwind of moving and the “How do I hold a moving sale in the state of Maine?” question. Review with them the items you have for sale. Maybe you’ve left out some items you really don’t need. And maybe you’ve selected some that you’re not ready to part with yet. Your friends will be a great help during the organization and the sale itself.

two women take clothes out of a suitcase know how to hold a moving sale in Maine
When organizing a moving sale, enlist the help of your friends

Do some good marketing

It goes without saying that marketing drives sales. A few days before the sale, announce your sale through mobile apps, social media, and online sites like LetGo and OfferUp. Announce the moved sale event with color-coordinated signs that will lead customers to your point of sale.

Organize your stuff

No one likes to shop and rummage through the clutter. So, organize stuff as if they were in a department store, by category or room. For example, display kitchen items on a separate rack. Sort through books, fitness equipment, or CDs and DVDs. Your sale will be more profitable if you present all items to customers in an organized manner.

Offer the best possible price

When you decided to organize a move, you wanted to get rid of all the excesses. You have booked the transfer and packing of your belongings with movers Ogunquit ME and there are no more additions or subtractions. So be objective and realistic when pricing your used items. People come to garage sales to get the best price possible.

Hopefully, after reading our article you know how to hold a moving sale in Maine. If you follow our tips, we are sure that you will be able best to sell all your stuff and make a few extra bucks.