How to help elderly people move to Dover NH

Moving home can be stressful and difficult even for the best of us. Even if you’re in your prime, and perfect shape, you can still end up exhausted after a long relocation. Now, imagine what kind of toll it can take on our senior citizens. They’re surely getting on in years and they’re not as fit as agile as they once were. This is why it is very important to help elderly people move to Dover NH. Of course, this process is fairly simple with the help of movers Dover NH. But, you’ll be the one assisting them with the planning and packing process, meaning you can surely use some tips. And that is exactly why we’re here. Read on and you’ll acquire some useful strategies which will surely help everyone involved.

packed boxes for an elderly moving to Dover NH
Moving can be quite exhausting for elderly people, so it’s important to be considerate

Understand that moving to Dover NH can be emotional for elderly people

For most people, a relocation is a positive experience. For example, they might be leaving their home to start an adult life, or perhaps they’re starting a family of their own. However, for our senior citizens, moving may be tinged with a bit of sadness. This is something you absolutely must understand if you want to help elderly people move to Dover NH. They might be moving to a residential home because they simply can’t manage living alone anymore. In this case, contacting movers Concord NH may seem like a defeat to them. Or perhaps they are moving in with their child who is an adult, and they’re worried about how it will affect the family. Whatever the case may be, change can be quite scary, with a strong sense of loss. So be sensitive and patient at all times, and help them focus on the positive sides of moving.

Tackle moving tasks one at a time and don’t rush

The sheer size of the relocation can be overwhelming to the elderly. You can easily help your seniors by tackling one task at a time. Start with one drawer and move on to the next when the first one is done. Before you know it, you’ve gone through the entire room and you can move on to the next. Stay focused and mark things off as complete right after you do them, to give everyone a sense of accomplishment. Keep in mind that certain things may take an old person longer to do. Besides being physically slower, they can be overwhelmed by memories found all over the home. If they stumble upon old photo albums, they might linger over them and reminisce. Be patient and don’t rush them, but instead, ask them to tell you a few stories. Dismissing one’s history and legacy in order to save time isn’t helpful.

person looking at a old photo album
Don’t rush the decluttering process, as your senior will surely be overcome with memories

Let them be in charge during the relocation

Even though you might be the one doing most, if not all of the manual labor, and keeping the wheels of the move in motion, don’t be bossy or patronizing. Instead of making assumptions of your own, ask the person moving how they’d like things to be done in the relocation process. Remember that you’re there to help elderly people move to Dover NH, not take over the process completely. They probably won’t want to be in the way, but they can still do some concrete tasks. For example, they can contact professional NH movers and discuss the moving plan with them. Sorting through the contents of drawers or labeling boxes are also good moving tasks that won’t drain the elderly of too much energy. These are just a few good ways to help them be involved and not feel useless. It is their home and their belongings, after all.

Be mindful when decluttering

It is very likely that your elderly will be moving to a smaller place. With that in mind, some of their possessions will have to go. Needless to say, this may be a bit difficult. Help them decide which items they can part with and whether they will sell them, donate them, or pass them on to a family member. Start by making a list of all their items, but keep in mind that they’ll go through a lot of consideration before making a decision. It is important to be patient here, as going through items may take them on a trip down memory lane. It may take several days before they realize that a particular item isn’t needed. If there are larger items which they can’t let go of, consider placing them in a secure storage unit. This way, they can revisit their precious family memorabilia whenever they please!

two elderly people holding hands
Make sure to visit your seniors after the move, as they’ll need help adapting

Allow the elderly to be in touch after their move to Dover NH

Besides leaving their old home, the senior will most likely be leaving behind a lot of friends and acquaintances. This is why you need to not only help elderly people move to Dover NH but help them stay in touch with their loved ones afterward too. Send out cards to their friends and family to notify them of the address change, and ask your elderly if they’d like to add any special message to them. Reassure them that all of the people that shape their life will be notified of their move. Encourage their friends to often visit them in their new home, and offer to arrange a housewarming party after the move. Find the time to take them back to the places near their old home, so they can still see some familiar places. Everything new, from their home to the new grocery store, might be overwhelming for them.