How to dismantle furniture when moving?

Relocation is a process that introduces a lot of challenges. Some are obvious, while others can catch you off-guard. A great way to circumvent any kind of inconvenience and hassle is to hire reliable movers Deerfield NH. However, if you choose to handle the relocation process on your own, you ought to properly inform yourself and prepare for the upcoming tasks. One of them is the way to dismantle furniture when moving. Luckily, for this chore, all you will need is the text in front of you in order to perform it correctly.

In order to dismantle furniture when moving, you will need the right tools

Disassembling furniture will require your standard tools. Apart from your regular toolbox, you will need a flat head screwdriver of an appropriate size for small furniture screws, and a small hex wretch (or better yet a set of these tiny metal wrenches). However, having that you are doing this with the goal of moving these furniture pieces, it would be wise to acquire some moving straps and a dolly. The latter is especially important if you have some items that cannot be dismantled but are bulky none the less.

A big couch
Be prepared not to dismantle furniture when moving, but rather transport some pieces as they are.

Before you begin, make sure to properly prepare

Apart from the things we have listed, in order to carry out this task properly you are going to need:

  • unobstructed space next to the furniture pieces when disassembling
  • the instructions
  • help from your strong friends
  • sealable bags

Having assistance is important if you want to avoid injuries and maintain productivity when addressing this task. So, ask your friends for help in advance. As you are probably aware, many furniture pieces need special tools to be disassembled. For his reason, you want to check that you have them before you delve into the process itself. If this is not the case, see if you can locate the missing piece, or order some from the manufacturer. If you are having trouble finding instructions, make sure to check online. Once all of the tools are ready, so will you be to dismantle the furniture.

Time to dismantle furniture when moving

1. Access the situation

The proverb ‘Measure twice and cut once‘ did not just come to be out of nowhere. The best way to address any big task is to plan before you act. In this particular case, you want to evaluate the piece before you start dismantling it. You want to look at and study the furniture’s installations. See if there will need to be some structural work employed in order to disassemble properly. Pieces like desks, sofas, and beds are bulky and need extra care when handling. You do not want to start randomly taking pieces out.

An orange sofa
Take a good look at the furniture piece’s structure before you start dismantling it.

2. Measure your furniture pieces

This step correlates with the previous one. However, being that it is very important that you take it, we gave it its own space. So, after you have inspected the furniture pieces, you want to make sure to measure them as well. Before you start producing sounds of resentment for the extra work we are making you go through, let us explain the purpose of this action. Namely, chances are, you won’t have to disassemble every piece of furniture. You see, if it fits through the doors and hallways, your movers York Maine will be perfectly capable to load them onto the moving truck in their original state.

3. Dismantle furniture

Unscrew and detach sofa legs, bookcase shelves, beds, and anything else that needs this treatment. Be mindful though, as some furniture pieces have upholstery that covers those points. So, after you find the desired point, use your tools and your friends to take each piece apart. Do not rush this process, and do not force anything to come out. You don’t want to risk hurting yourself or damaging your goods. Take breaks if you need to, and maintain your energy. Doing this when you are tired can lead to mistakes, and that has bad news written all over it.

4. Keep small parts together and close

Since this task takes a lot of time, the thought that you will have to put it all back together usually falls into oblivion. Still, now that we have warned you, you are out of excuses. All jokes aside, you really do not want to harden the process of unpacking after the move. So, be careful with small parts like screws and other fasteners need for oldtimer paint. After you dismantle furniture when moving, make sure to place them in sealable bags, and tape them to the furniture piece they suit with. It would also be wise to label the bag with the name of the piece it belongs to, just in case it gets misplaced.

Small screws
They may be small, but they hold your big furniture pieces together.

If you are struggling, ask for help

There is good reasoning behind people turning to professional movers instead of dismantling furniture when moving themselves. It is perfectly understandable that you find this work too complicated, or simply time-consuming. After all, that is why moving companies offer their services – in order to spare you the hassle of tedious moving tasks. So, if you already have enough on your plate, do not waste a second more, and give a professional moving company a call. The movers will make sure all is handled in perfect order. Apart from saving you time and energy before the move, they will also help you unpack and settle in your new place much easier and faster. There is no reason why you should not enjoy your relocation to the fullest with the help of people who handle these tasks on a daily basis.