How to conduct a green relocation of your business

The planet could be better. Whether you believe in climate change or not, it is undeniable that the industry we have today is polluting the environment at a high level. Therefore it is more and more popular for business to “go green”. Appearing eco-friendly is good publicity after all. So, it’s no wonder while so many big brands boast their eco-friendly packaging or low-consumption products. Not only that but, realistically, businesses are the ones that create most of the pollution we have today. So, there is a moral reason too why you would want to go for a green relocation of your business. And that is the thing this article is all about. So, let us dive right into it!

Hire a green moving company

As the trend for going green is rising, so are appearing many more “green” alternatives to traditional business. As we mentioned before, there are many reasons why a business would consider going eco-friendly. The same applies to moving companies. However, while other businesses may boast their eco-friendliness, some moving companies may offer green moves along with other move types. Therefore, to find a green moving company for your business, you should consider checking with your preferred moving company if they are able to take on such a task.

Solar panels in a field
There are more and more professional moving services offering green business relocation.

In any case, as the moving professionals from movers Salisbury MA might be able to tell you, hiring a moving company will be your best bet to achieving an eco-friendly move. First of all, they will know where to get moving supplies that were recycled. Also, they will know how to conduct a green relocation of your business. This would be one that leaves the least footprint possible.

Choose recycled or re-usable moving supplies

Another way for you to contribute to a green relocation of your business it to be conscious about what kind of moving supplies you are using. As moving supplies need to be manufactured, their production leaves an impact on the planet. This goes double for cardboard moving boxes or plastic wrap. To get the cardboard, trees need to be cut down, while plastic wrap is made of, well, plastic – an oil derivate. However, there are eco-friendly alternatives that you can use instead to make the relocation of your business greener. For example, industry veterans like long distance movers New Hampshire might mention using recycled cardboard boxes or even better, green crates.

A re-usable container. A green relocation of your business will include reusable and recyclable materials
To make your relocation eco-friendly be mindful of what materials are used in it.

The latter is especially great and has been taking over the moving industry because of its reusability. These sturdy plastic containers can also be stacked on top of each other and locked down requiring even less moving material in the form of duct tape. Their sturdiness too is great as it allows for less padding supplies like packing peanuts to be used as opposed to traditional cardboard boxes. They also might be compostable! All in all, they are very practical and very eco-friendly, so they would be wisely included in any office moving checklist.

Recycling for a green relocation of your business

Another great way to make your business relocation green is to recycle and de-clutter. Especially if you are wondering on the best way of storing business paperwork after the relocation. While some of the paperwork simply has to remain in the form of a hard copy, having the rest digitalized will do wonders for your business. First of all, you will save up on storage space. Secondly, digitalized records are much easier to search through and access. No more long overtime hours spent on sifting through old paper records. It is as great as it sounds for both your workers and your company. The employees will have an easier time finding what they need. Also, they won’t be forced to sit for hours rummaging through old papers. Thus, they will be more efficient, which will be great for your company and you will have less overtime to pay for them.

A laptop in a field of grass
Going digital has many benefits for your business.

So there is a strong reason for you to digitalize your paper documents, even without a move in mind. So, how does this help you conduct a green relocation of your business? Simple, with less paperwork to haul, you will need less transport, which will use less gas and produce fewer emissions. Also, it will cost less and you can have the paper recycled too! The same goes for any electronics you might use. Does your company have any old gadgets that will need replacing in the near future? Relocation is just the right time to address that. Leave them behind and send them for recycling and get new ones after the move.

De-clutter and donate

Another thing you can do to ensure a green relocation of your business is to de-clutter. There is a reason why de-cluttering is recommended with any move. First of all, it reduces the number of items you will be relocating. This, in turn, affects the price of the relocation itself. Secondly, it leaves you with more room for improving the new home or office space and giving it a fresh new look. It also reduces the cost of your relocation by reducing the number of items you will be bringing. Finally, it helps ensure a green relocation of your business by reducing the amount of fuel your moving company will need to use.

Making the most of a green relocation of your business

With the tips outlined above, we are sure you will be able to make the most of a green relocation of your business. Just keep a level head throughout and think of how your business and its relocation impact to the environment and soon you will be moving out to your new space in an eco-friendly way!