How to clean out your attic before moving house

For most of us, the attic is the place where we store things after the summer or winter season. It’s probably one of those places in your house that you don’t think of often. From time to time you have something that you don’t want to get rid of, but you have no real space for it anywhere. Things like that usually end up in your attic. Since it is usually a large space, you can find everything here. However, when the time comes for you to move, everything has to be sorted and the spaced cleaned. You have to decide what comes with you and which items you can throw away. Our experts at Preferred Movers NH have created a short guide on how to clean out your attic before moving. Read on and get busy cleaning.

Why should you clean out your attic before moving house?

Moving is a good opportunity to get rid of items that don’t serve you any longer. Moving is an expensive undertaking. And the more items you plan on bringing with you, the bigger the cost of the move. You’ll need more packing supplies, a bigger truck, you’ll pay more insurance. Therefore, one of the main reasons why you should be cleaning out your attic is to reduce the cost of the relocation. Another reason to use this opportunity to declutter is the possibility of a fresh start. Why would you take something that you have not been utilizing for ages with you into a new house? After all, it is supposed to be a clean slate. Therefore, clean out the attic before contacting the best moving companies in Massachusetts to help you move.

Person standing on stacks of books
Clean out your attic before moving and save yourself some money, and space in the new house.

Protect yourself before going to the attic

Let’s be honest, attics aren’t the cleanest of places, at least in most households. Therefore, it’s important that you protect yourself before going up there. Wear something old that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. And make sure it has long sleeves to protect your skin from allergens in the air. Put a face mask as well, because of the dust. Grab a pair of gloves and you’re ready.

Empty the attic and sort the items

Try to empty out the whole room. This way it will be easier to see what’s what and where it needs to go. You will probably need a couple of helping hands to carry things. Nevertheless, if help isn’t at your disposal, movers Boxford MA can do it for you. Once everything is down, you’ll be better able to tell items apart and see what condition they’re in. Then you can decide what do you want to do with the things. You have a few options.

  • Toss it. If it isn’t usable anymore, think no further about it. It’s garbage.
  • Pass it on to the people you know. If the items are in good condition, but you know you will not be using them any longer, your friends and family might want them.
  • Donate it. Charities always gladly accept items in good condition.
  • Sell it. Why not make some extra cash for the upcoming relocation? Organize a garage sale or try selling the item online.

Clean out the attic before moving

Whether you recently sold your house or your lease is up, you certainly don’t want to leave a dusty and filthy attic for someone else to clean up.

Clean out your attic before moving by vacuuming the floor in the end
Leave the floor last, it will get even dirtier while you’re cleaning the rest of the attic.

Remove dust and cobwebs

Depending on when it was last cleaned, this might be an easy or a very hard job. It may also look like a scene right out of a horror movie! Especially if tens of spiders have crawled in and weaved their webbed homes. Use a broom first as a vacuum cleaner could become clogged. Also, a vacuum cleaner alone will not remove effectively a thick layer of accumulated dust. To that end, you may have to resort to manual dusting with a damp cloth. Start by cleaning the ceiling first and then work your way down the walls.

Clean the floor

Leave the floor last to avoid multiplying your work. There will be dust on the floor, as well as debris from the walls and ceiling. Pick up the big debris by hand before vacuuming to avoid damaging the vacuum cleaner. After that, you can remove dust from the floor with the vacuum cleaner before sweeping it with a broom. Finish up by sweeping any leftover dust and debris from the floor, after which you can mop it.

Organize your attic

Now that your attic is all cleaned out and you’re moving any day now, think about the attic in your new home. You’ve seen how dirty and disorganized an attic can get, so prevent it. As soon as you move in is the perfect time to organize it, before you a million useless things in there. Keep things that you’ll need on a regular basis in more easily accessible parts of the room. Memorabilia, objects of sentiment, and seasonal items can be safely stored in boxes at the back. Take your time when organizing your new attic efficiently. You want to have more room to store items in the future. This will also make it easier to give the attic quick dusting and sweeping every once in a while.

Woman with a cardboard box
Think about how to organize your new attic and where is the best place for the boxes.

How to clean out your attic before moving house – conclusion

Cleaning out the attic does seem like a very hard and time-consuming job. However, now that it’s broken down into smaller, more manageable steps, it seems less hard, doesn’t it? Use our guide to help you clean your attic before moving and you will be done in no time. After that, you will have more time to plan your move. In case you need moving services or storage space during the relocation process, don’t hesitate to contact us.