How to budget for a local family move

Are you planning a local family relocation? Have you found the perfect place with a yard for your kids, or something a bit closer to work? Moving house is nothing new. An average American will do it at least 7 times during a lifetime. However, we somehow never get used to it. There is always a lot of planning and so many things to worry about. From finding the right moving companies Maine to thinking about the packing, you will have your hands full. However, the biggest issue for many is having to budget for a local family move. How much will the move cost? What should you add to the budget? Find the answers in this article.

What are the costs to include in your budget for a local family move?

Let’s start with the basics. Usually, local moves will not be estimated based on the distance the movers will travel. Instead, your movers York Maine will calculate the cost of the move based on the time they spend moving your home, as well as the size of your home. First, you start with a base cost. This can be anything from $250 for a studio or a 1 bedroom home to more than $500 for a 5 bedroom home.

a piggy bank
Start saving your money and planning your budget.

From there, you will add the hourly cost – which depends on the number of movers involved. For example, 2 movers will cost you $70 while 3 movers cost $90 per hour. So, if you are moving a studio home using 2 movers, a three-hour move will cost $250 plus $210 – that is, $460. Based on the company, of course, these can change. Some might include tips, while others will not. There are also various moving services that will cost you extra. Make sure you talk to the moving company’s representative about this, and to check your bill of lading or the contract you sign.

Should you call professionals or move by yourself?

A question on many people’s minds is whether to attempt a DIY move or call professional movers. While the latter can seem a bit more expensive, it is actually through a do-it-yourself move that you are risking more money. Simply put, you do not have what Preferred Moves NH and similar professionals have – experience.

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A DIY move brings a lot of stress and worries – so think twice before heading that way.

When you let a reliable moving company transport your items, you do not need to worry about their safety. We have secure trucks as well as storage if there is a need for overnight relocation. Meanwhile, when you are doing this by yourself, you can damage your items or lose them on the way. There are many other difficulties that you can run into, no matter not many tips for an easy DIY move you read. Therefore, calling us for your move is a great bet – both for your budget for a local family move as well as your items and furniture.