How to avoid the most common international moving difficulties

Moving comes with a lot of difficulties, even if it is just a local move. It goes without saying that international moves are even more challenging. Doing it with the help of professional movers MA will make it easier, but still, it won’t be completely easy. The long-distance is the culprit for every problem. But if there are problems, there are also solutions. In this guide, you can read about common international moving difficulties and the ways to solve them.

Common international moving difficulties

An international move with one of the long distance movers in Maine is a big life event for anyone brave enough to take the leap. It can for sure be interesting, fun, and exciting, but it also comes with its challenges. It might feel like the bad sides sometimes outweigh the good ones, especially if you don’t start dealing with the problems from the beginning.

Being far away from home

If you have recently moved internationally, keeping in touch with your loved ones back home is crucial for your mental health. Also for the success of your new life abroad. Different time zones can make it really difficult to stay in contact. Luckily, technology is advanced enough to be able to help us overcome that. The solution here would be to make a call schedule and learn the time differences.

Young man hugging his tablet and wearing headphones
Staying in touch with your loved ones will help you through the initial phase

The language barrier is one of the common international moving difficulties

When moving to another country the language barrier is almost always a problem. Long distance moves to another continent make this problem even more highlighted. There are so many apps designed to help people learn new languages, like:

  • Duolingo
  • Babbel
  • Mondly
  • Memrise (common international moving difficulties like language fluency can be overcome by using this app since it is focused on casual talking in a new language)

This option is great to learn some language basics. But to be able to fluently speak the said language, you need to to a native speaker of that language. For a start, you can learn basic phrases in the new language to help you through the initial phase. Being consistent is a must here if you want to learn the language fast. Once you relocate, try to make friends with the neighbors and locals to get the face-to-face language practicing going.

Bookmarker on a dictionary
The language barrier is the most difficult problem to overcome, but once its done everything is easier

Culture shock

Once the excitement about moving to a new country fades, the culture shock starts creeping in. It’s really hard to tell when it will start affecting you because every person experiences it differently. It can get really frustrating not knowing how to do basic everyday things. In your home country, you just know how to open a bank account or mail a package, while abroad there are often different procedures for things like that. Culture shock will fade away with time as you start settling into your new surroundings. Make sure to manage your stress levels while getting adjusted to living in a new country. Try to find comfort in the fact that it will inevitably pass.

Common international moving difficulties – conclusion

We hope to have eased your anxiety about the common international moving difficulties at least by a bit. Rest assured that with our team of professionals, you will relocate as stress-free as possible. Make sure to contact us for more information. Happy relocation and good luck in this new chapter of your life!