How to avoid surprise charges when moving a business

Regardless if you’re moving to a different continent, or just down the street, the moving process is always rough. It can consume a lot of time and take a heavy toll on your nerves. However, the one thing it shouldn’t take a toll on, is your wallet. Unfortunately, in some cases, the bill you get from your moving company doesn’t always represent the final cost. If you choose movers Merrimack NH for your next relocation, you might not experience this problem. However, it happens more frequently than it should. There are so many surprise charges when moving a business that you need to be aware of. Here, we’ll discuss a few of them, in hopes that you can avoid being overcharged by movers.

employees discussing surprise charges in a business meeting
No matter how good your moving budget is, it can always be shaken by hidden fees

Packing costs are among the most common surprise charges when moving a business

The biggest and most common hidden costs involve your items and their safety. They come in the form of an unnecessary amount of packing materials, and service fees. The best way to avoid being overcharged is to skip this fee altogether. You can easily do this by packing your own items and have them ready when movers Pelham NH arrive. Another problem is that most movers don’t cover any possible damage which may happen to items. After all, they might have already been damaged before you packed them. If you do let dishonest movers pack your things, you will end up with two charges. One for the time they spent packing everything, and the other for the supplies used in the process. In some cases, the company will claim that you need specialty boxes, just to boost this fee as much as possible.

office floor with chairs
Doing some of the work yourself can save you a lot of money and nerves

Paying to have your items disassembled may also disassemble your budget

When moving a business, certain items such as large desks or shelves need to be disassembled and then reassembled later on. This is a service most movers charge money for, but some can take it over the limit. Just as with packing, the best workaround is to tear everything down yourself and prepare it for the movers. Once you arrive at your new office space, simply tell them to place the pieces in their assigned rooms, and then take it from there yourself. Just remember to arm yourself with the proper tools for the job. Even if a moving company doesn’t charge this fee directly, you may still see it in your bill. Disassembling items takes time, and if they charge by the hour, they will most likely draw the process out.  It might take you a bit more time to reassemble everything, but your moving budget will stay intact.

businessman signing a contract
Thoroughly reading your contract is a great way to protect yourself and your business

Miscellaneous fees can easily stack up to a surprising amount

The saying “the devil is in the details” perfectly applies to this situation. There’s no better way for surprise charges when moving a business to appear than through obscure and sometimes bizarre fees. For example, if you need to delay the delivery of your equipment to the new office, you might be charged a temporary storage fee. If your office has no driveway or has a narrow one, you might see a “transfer” fee in the final bill. This implies loading your items in a smaller van and then transferring them to a larger truck down the line to carry more stuff. Keep in mind that you won’t experience any of these problems by hiring reliable and professional movers. The main lesson to be learned is that you always need to read your contract carefully before signing it.