How far in advance should you start planning a business move?

Relocating a business is never an easy task to complete. It is much harder than residential renovation because there are many more things that you need to take care of. Even though you can find moving companies Maine almost anytime, there is a lot of other stuff that you will have to think about even sooner. Find about things that you should start thinking about time. When is the right time to start planning a business move?

Planning a business move – start 6-12 months before the move

As we have said, commercial relocation is a very delicate job so you will need time to do it right. The best time to start planning a business move is 6-12 months before the actual relocation. There are some things that you will actually need time to accomplish. Even though you can plan something in about 2 hours, some things have to be done way before so that you can be sure. Of course, everything depends on the size of the company. You would probably have time to make the necessary arrangements in several months if you own a small company. On the other hand, it would certainly befit you to start on time!

Why do you need this time for?

  • Making a budget
  • Preparing the key papers
  • Restructuring working space

Making a budget

Making a budget for the move is one of the most important tasks that you will have to do. It is very complex and hard. That only means that you will need more time to factor in every cost in your moving budget. The moving company is one of the things that will make you spend the most out of your money. That is the reason why you need to be very transparent with the companies that you are interested in. On the other spectrum, you will have to think about the costs of business space too. Everything is important when getting ready for a business move.

a calculator - planning a business move
Making a moving budget can consume a lot of time

Preparing the key papers

You will most likely need to have some important papers so that you could work wherever you relocate to. It does not matter whether you are moving from NH to MA or to NYC. We all know that every state has its own regulations so you will have to learn them and get ahold of every important document that you may need. Since you are probably busy, this may take a while and that is the reason why you should start early and finish your job on time!

You will probably need a ton of papers that you need to have

Restructuring the workspace

When planning a business move, you will have to be considerate of your employees. You will have to inform them about your decision to relocate the business. Also, you will need time to restructure your working space and make some adjustments. If you are planning workers to relocate too, you will have to make a selection, make the necessary arrangements with them. As you may think, this can take a while so better start on time!


When getting ready for business relocation, you will need to make a lot of decisions that will affect you and your employees. Also, time is key because you will have the chance to make some things right if you have made a mistake. Also, you will feel less stressed and you will be able to balance your time. Be sure to start planning a business move on time and we guarantee that you will be able to do everything with ease!