Guide to storing valuable items in your NH storage

The general rule is that you should keep your valuables in a safe or safety deposit box. But many people keep their valuable items in basements or attics, especially family heirlooms. The problems with this are unstable conditions like humidity, pests, etc. So some people keep their belongings in a safe and some in a storage unit. If you decide on storing valuable items in your NH storage, you should follow a few basic rules that Preferred Movers NH listed in the article below.

Storing valuable items in your NH storage requires choosing the right storage unit

If you decide to rent a storage North Hampton NH then you should first decide on the type and the size of the unit. Depending on the size and type of your belongings, you will rent a unit accordingly. There are different types of storage:

  • Climate controlled storage
  • Commercial storage
  • Residential storage
  • Self-storage

Not every storage is appropriate for keeping valuable items. If you have priceless pieces, you shouldn’t keep them in a storage unit.

storage units
Find a suitable storage unit

Climate controlled storage unit

When you have valuables that are large and sensitive, the best place to save them is in a climate-controlled unit. This is a good choice because the temperature and the humidity in these units are stable and controlled. It is a perfect choice for fine art, antiques, and also wooden pieces. Basically, this type of facility is designed to maintain safe conditions for sensitive items.

Commercial storage for valuable business belongings

Commercial storages are perfect for storing your expensive business equipment, products, or even entire offices. Find out the details from your movers North Hampton NH. This type of storage facility can also store your company’s vehicles. If you have a reliable moving company that is already relocating your offices, check if they offer a storage service as well.

What should you check before renting a storage unit?

The price of the storage unit should not be the only thing that will affect your decision. Make sure that you choose a reliable company that rents storage. First check with and ask for the price and also conditions of a storage unit. This includes learning about their security and surveillance system. When you are storing valuable items in your NH storage, you have to be sure that they are well guarded. Ask about climate conditions, if you have delicate valuables. The main thing to remember when you are renting a unit is that you should invest in a good storage unit. That will help you keep your valuable belongings safe.

checking a list
You need to check a lot of things when storing valuables

Check for different sizes of storage space. In order to do so, you need to know what exactly you will store inside the unit. If you have large items, you have to look for storage that can fit them. For example, if you have an old piano you’d like to store it outside the house. Professional piano movers NH that can relocate your piano maybe also have a storage facility where you can keep your instrument. Do not forget to check the storage before you arrange the relocation.

Make an inventory list for storing valuable items in your NH storage

The next step after you decide what items you will keep in the storage is to make an inventory list. Especially in the case when storing valuables, you need to make a list of things kept in the storage unit. Besides this, it is wise to take photographs of items from the inventory list. Make a record of their condition and save the photos along with the inventory list. If you have a large number of smaller items in the storage, the list will help you to remember what is in the storage, without having to visit the unit.

What to do when storing valuable delicate arts like paintings?

The storage unit for delicate artwork should be a climate-controlled unit. Paintings or wooden pieces of art can be susceptible to humidity or temperature fluctuations. The optimal conditions for this type of art are to have controlled humidity as well as maintain the right temperature inside the storage unit. Also, avoid direct sunlight. Painting and similar artworks are especially sensitive to sunlight. They can get unrepairable damage. Avoid keeping your valuable art pieces or family heirlooms in the basement or attic. This is actually applicable to sensitive items, like pool tables. They are large and bulky and the fabric and the wood can get damaged if the conditions aren’t right. Because of its massive proportions, you might need pool table movers NH to relocate and also store this type of belongings. Conditions aren’t suitable for them and it is most likely that they will get damaged over time.

Label every valuable piece, so you know what is it without having to unpack them. If it is fragile, make sure that you label it fragile and also put an arrow pointing the right way to hold the item. Store the paintings upright and make sure that they are secured between racks.

When storing jewelry

Although the best solution for jewelry storage would be a safety deposit box, you can also store it in the storage unit. It is not recommended to store highly valuable jewelry in self-storage, mostly because of security. Regarding your valuable jewelry or family treasures, make sure to pack them in a proper box or container.

ring in a box
Storing jewelry requires a special approach

It would be best if you have an original package of those items. If you don’t have the original box you can get special boxes for jewelry. They have soft padding inside, so the jewelry doesn’t damage. You can also be creative with jewelry storage ideas, as long it is safely stored.

Purchase insurance when storing valuable items in your NH storage

Even if you have chosen an excellent storage facility with a great security system, purchase insurance, just in case. Insurance is one more step of security and sometimes it is not required by the storage facility. Depending on their policy you might not need extra insurance, however, it is highly recommended to have one – especially if you are storing valuable items in your NH storage.