Guide to packing silverware when moving house

Are you moving soon, but you’re not sure how to pack some of the items? Packing silverware when moving often confuses people, because the forks and knives aren’t fragile, but they can be easily scratched sometimes. That’s why Preferred Movers will help you with packing silverware when moving. Transporting any kind of items can be done easily when you know how to approach it – so keep on reading to get acquainted with the proper packing methods! 

Clean everything before packing silverware when moving

Regardless of the type of item that you want to move, the first step that you should take is to clean it. You can’t ever be sure whether you’ll change your mind and pace some of the items in storage, or you’ll simply forget to unpack it. The dirt can affect deterioration speed, which should be your main reason to clean the items. When it comes to silverware, it’s resistant to those kinds of damage. But its use requires its cleanliness, so get to work. Wash it as you would any other silverware, and leave it to dry. 

packing silverware when moving
Packing silverware when moving requires that you clean it well!

Get the materials for packing silverware when moving

The materials for packing silverware when moving aren’t complicated. It depends on how well you want the silverware to be preserved. If you want to keep it as scratch-free as possible, opt to get the specialty boxes for moving where you can arrange each piece of silverware. If you don’t have access to that kind of moving materials, then order packing paper, glassine and tape online. You can also go to the DIY store, since they’re very likely to have everything you’ll need for silverware packing. The silverware itself, when packed, will have to be placed in a box of any kind. It’s not a fragile type of item, so whatever local movers NH you hire, they’ll easily deal with it. 

Pack the silverware properly

To pack the silverware properly, make sure that each piece is dry. Wrap the precious pieces in glassine. This will protect them from any scratches, as well as from dust and moisture. After that, you should apply a layer of packing paper, and arrange the silverware in a specialty box. If you can’t use the specialty box, you can simply place a layer of cloth. After that, place a few pieces of silverware, and layer the items that way up until the box top. This will keep the pieces separate. There are many variations that you can use to pack the silverware in combination with your clothes, as any movers Windham NH can tell you. You just need to research a little bit – but once you do, you’ll be delighted at the spectrum of your options. 

professional mover
Turn to professionals if your silverware is antique!

Get professional help

Not everyone can devote a lot of time to the moving process – and that’s okay. Our obligations and lifestyles differ, and sometimes jobs and family require out immediate attention. That’s why you can count on professional movers to help you with packing silverware when moving, or to do all the heavy lifting for you. To have a stress-free relocation, all you need to do is give us a call. Book the move of your dreams today!