Guide to packing bathroom cabinets before moving

Moving can be very stressful and daunting especially for those who move for the first time. It can cause lots of headaches and anxiety as you do not know where to begin. Should you start with clothes or kitchen utensils? For example, most people leave packing bathroom cabinets before moving for later, thinking that would be the easiest part. But please do not be mislead since this can be one of the most important parts of the moving process. First things first! Before getting in touch with professional movers from NH to help you organize the whole process of relocating, make a checklist that you should stick to. To make things a little bit easier for this already stressful process, in this article you will learn how to be well organized when packing.

A word on decluttering when packing bathroom cabinets before moving

Before you start packing bathroom shelves and cabinets, you should consider the size of the bathroom and cabinets in your new home. That is why decluttering is the first step to make sure you will bring just things you really need.

bathroom and cosmetic bottles in a basketa
Decluttering is useful when packing bathroom cabinets before moving

If you need more space, we recommend using storage North Hampton NH. Go through the cabinets and put aside half-empty bottles of cleansers, containers with old makeup, and worn-out towels. Regardless of if you will use the same bathroom cabinets or completely new and of different size, you should store only what you really need.

Pay special attention when storing your medicines

You should check the expiration dates of your medicines and other health and beauty products. If you find some medicines are expired, there is no need to pack them. You will certainly not use them since those can damage your health. Also, they will only unnecessarily take up useful space. Therefore, consider how to safely dispose of them when packing bathroom cabinets before moving. In the storing process of medicines and other health products, you should pay very special attention to the environment.

As we know how dangerous it can be if we do not safely dispose of medicines, we must think of a way to properly store them. So make sure to obtain boxes and packing supplies prior to packing them. Considering the environment you may use not only durable and affordable but also eco-friendly containers

Make sure that other products from the bathroom reach the new home safe and sound

We want to make sure that when unpacking, there will not be any nasty surprises. We put so much time and energy into the relocation process, sometimes weeks or even months. And if we do not pay attention to crucial steps, we may end up with spilled content, crashed bottles, or scattered washing powder.

wrapped up in paper glass items stored in a box
Using proper packing supplies can ensure safe transportation

This is very true when poorly packing bathroom cabinets before moving. First, you should wipe off all the dust so that you can keep your storage clean and tidy and your moving truck in order. Always close the already opened bottles. You can put some extra duct tape around the bottle caps to prevent spilling. Collisions of glass bottles, especially when filled, can cause breakage. Use bubble wrap to protect the glass bottles from breaking during transport. Finally, pack them in the already prepared boxes and containers, using some dividers, and put the tape around. Now your content from the bathroom cabinets is ready for transport.

Packing large bathroom cabinets before moving

First of all, we want to take safety precautions when trying to pack cabinets. If not properly packed, they can cause severe damages either to you or the cabinets themselves. That is why you need to prepare boxes and containers of the proper size and other packing supplies prior to packing.

Bathroom cabinet.
Before you start packing large cabinets, prepare all your supplies.

Since packing bathroom cabinets can be overwhelming, planning ahead is very important. Therefore prepare to move your cabinets like a professional. You will certainly need to unplug them first, so make sure that you have the unplugging tools. Always clean them first with a cleanser, and then carefully set them in boxes and if needed wrap them with an additional amount of adhesive tape. Now they are ready and good to go!

Consider recycling

Finally, after going through all the items in your bathroom you will come upon some that suffered some damages, or they are worn out, or you simply do not need them. If some of the cabinets have chipped edges, maybe a good solution would be to dispose of them. Since moving requires spending certain funds, nowadays, there are many secondhand furniture shops. There you may find many unique bathroom cabinets that could fit into your new home and you will not spend too much money. If you do not know what to do with the old cabinets, laundry boxes, or worn-out towels, consider recycling as a smart solution. You can find many reliable recycling companies in North Hampton. This way you will not only safely dispose of your item, but you will also do an eco-friendly act and you will contribute to preserving our planet.

In general, moving is hard and requires a lot of smart and safe solutions. At some point, you may feel lost and hopeless. That is why we provided you with several tips that can help you on your adventure while packing your bathroom cabinets before moving. There is always the slightest chance that something will not go by the plan. But please stick to the plan and tips from this short guide. If any of these prove to be useful then our goal is achieved.