Guide to packing and storing fitness equipment

As the moving day is coming closer, you have a lot of things on your mind. Preparations and organization of the whole process are taking a lot of time. Planning every step of the move can be exhausting but hopefully, there are a lot of moving companies in NH that will be more than happy to help you during your relocation. A gym can be a good place to release all of the stress that comes with the moving process. However, one of your biggest concerns might be how to organize packing and storing fitness equipment. Don’t worry, we got you! This guide will help you not to forget any of the important steps while transitioning your equipment.

How to organize packing and storing fitness equipment

Regardless of whether you are looking for advice on moving your home gym or are a gym owner, you are in right place. How much time and work you will have to invest in loading your gym depends on the amount of stuff you are dealing with. You need to estimate this on your own. We can provide you with information about every last detail; there is and hope that you will find it helpful. First, find out how many boxes approximately you will need for your equipment. If you need professional help, don’t hesitate to ask for it, and hire packing services NH. You don’t want to do something wrong and damage any of your equipment.

Man and woman are packing for the move
Estimate the time of packing with knowing how many things you need to prepare for relocating

Where to start with preparing your fitness equipment for the move

Good organization finishes half of the job. As we said before you need to estimate the amount of stuff you are dealing with. The best starting point would be to wrap up all the bulkiest and heaviest stuff first. Considering how heavy they are, maybe regular cardboard boxes are not the best option here. Think about a more solid material for fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, and all of the weights. Be prepared with enough of those durable boxes and wrapping material for them to prevent any damage that moving can cause. Keep in mind that moving can be delayed for numerous reasons so you might need storage in North Hampton NH to take care nicely of your appliances. The next step should be cleaning all of your equipment.

Woman is preparing for packing and storing fitness equipment using bubbly wrap
The bubbly wrap can be a powerful companion when it comes to packing and storing fitness equipment

Clean your fitness equipment before packing and storing it

Cleaning is an important part of servicing your exercise devices. If you are maintaining them well surely they will last longer. Before the move, you should clean all the dust and bacteria your equipment might have. While wiping it you might find some damage marks, such as rust. Use disinfectant wipes or spray to make sure you are cleaning your devices thoroughly. Also, don’t forget to wash all of your mats. We know it sounds boring and unnecessary, but just imagine moving to your new place and being able to do away with all that stress with fresh and clean equipment right away.

Packing exercise devices and accompanying gadgets

You want to relocate all of your equipment in one piece and with the little damage as possible. We already mentioned that weights and heavy machines should be carried in strong materials. It’s not bad to protect machines double, so feel free to wrap them in something soft, like a blanket for example to prevent any future damage. Plastic foil with air bubbles is a good companion for packing so consider it as one of the options. Also, you can use your mats as a cover for weights because it is made of foam material that will surely save them during the move. For all of the smaller gadgets, such as dumbbells and hand weights, jump rope, etc, you can use one bigger box with a layer of bubble wrap.

Moving large fitness equipment

After you are done with preparing and cleaning actual moving occurs. Remember that all of this stuff is very heavy so you might need to hire some of the best movers in Nashua NH to help you carry all of them. Here are instructions on how to move your exercise devices. Before moving them, check if they are turned off and unplugged from the power source. This step might seem ridiculous, but many people forget about it, and that is how the damage arises. Double-check every machine.

Treadmills might be tricky so make sure to set the incline to zero and remove the safety key. Do the same with the elliptical and stationary bike. You can unscrew all the parts from the machines if you are sure that can be done. Just pack the parts with the machines so you can be certain not to lose anything during packing and storing fitness equipment.

Treadmill is the bulkiest and heaviest of whole fitness equipment
Don’t forget to put incline on your treadmill to zero and to remove the safety key before moving

On the day of the move

Soon everything will be done. If you have done all the preparation and organization nicely, the whole process of moving will go smoothly. Having a plan for arranging things for the move and unloading makes it easier for everyone. When loading starts, pack all the smaller boxes first, and heavy and bulky stuff in the end. That way you will ensure safe travel and easy unpacking for your fitness equipment. Supervise the shipping to make sure that everything is going according to your plan. The last phase of moving starts when you arrive at your new destination.

The last phase of packing and storing fitness equipment – settling in

Now it is up to you to arrange and design your new interior. If everything is unloaded according to plan surely this last part won’t be that hard. Although we are sure that these tips for packing and storing fitness equipment were helpful, we are also sure that you need to relax a bit. Feel free to go for a walk around the city of Nashua or have a picnic in Greeley Park. It could be a good replacement for your workout for the day and will help you to relax and clear your head from all the stress and tension that comes with moving.